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Daily Dumbass April 30, 2019

Yet another dumbass from Florida on the Daily Dumbass list. The cops were called on a 32-year old named Ben, who was causing a scene at an Olive Garden in Naples asking diners for leftovers as they walked out. When they showed up Ben was angrily eating spaghetti bare-chested, shoveling …

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Daily Dumbass Dec. 20, 2018

Trading marijuana for munchies? Only in Florida. A 23-year old went through a fast food drive thru and tried to pay for his food with a baggie of reefer. It didn’t work (OBVIOUSLY) and the manager called 911. Officers weren’t able to locate the vehicle when they arrived, so they waited …

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Daily Dumbass Nov. 26, 2018

Is there anything more interesting than a Florida trailer park? How about one full of seniors and drama? A Florida woman started a food fight with her man-friend early in the morning, throwing leftover Chinese food at him while he laid in bed. When cops arrived at the home, the Chinese …

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