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Daily Dumbass April 30, 2019

Yet another dumbass from Florida on the Daily Dumbass list. The cops were called on a 32-year old named Ben, who was causing a scene at an Olive Garden in Naples asking diners for leftovers as they walked out. When they showed up Ben was angrily eating spaghetti bare-chested, shoveling …

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Daily Dumbass Dec. 20, 2018

Trading marijuana for munchies? Only in Florida. A 23-year old went through a fast food drive thru and tried to pay for his food with a baggie of reefer. It didn’t work (OBVIOUSLY) and the manager called 911. Officers weren’t able to locate the vehicle when they arrived, so they waited …

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Daily Dumbass Nov. 26, 2018

Is there anything more interesting than a Florida trailer park? How about one full of seniors and drama? A Florida woman started a food fight with her man-friend early in the morning, throwing leftover Chinese food at him while he laid in bed. When cops arrived at the home, the Chinese …

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Daily Dumbass Sept. 4, 2018

Someone should’ve told this guy where not to stick his finger. A guy named Joseph from Florida (no surprise here) got drunk and passed out on the floor. When his girlfriend came home and tried to wake him up, he got belligerent and started throwing things. But his tantrum didn’t …

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