Male Equivalent of Getting Flowers
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The Male Equivalent of “Getting Flowers”

The traditional gift to give to a special lady in your life is a bouquet of flowers. But what about for guys? The Morning Shag has collected a list to help!

Obviously, not all ladies like flowers. So the same will be true for guys and some of the gifts. But hopefully, this can help focus your efforts!

According to Morning Shag listeners, these are ‘Male Equivalent of Getting Flowers’:

  • A bag of Beef Jerky
  • Booze (beer or liquor)
  • Steak (bonus points the guy doesn’t have to cook it)
  • Car/ Motorcycle parts
  • ‘Bedroom favors’ (you can use your imagination on that one)
  • Fishing gear
  • Golf gear
  • Cigars
  • Ammo (just make sure it’s the right caliber for his gun)

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