Statue of AC/DC singer Bon Scott
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Unheard Bon Scott Music Coming Soon

Bon Scott, the original singer for AC/DC, fronted a band called Fraternity for four years before joining AC/DC. A box set of songs from his Fraternity days, including songs that were never released, will drop later this month.

Fraternity’s label, Cherry Red Records, said:

“Scott’s tenure with Fraternity has been poorly documented on the reissue market. Half a century later, Seasons of Change finally seeks to amend this oversight. Curated in conjunction with surviving band members Bruce Howe, John Freeman, Sam See, John Bisset, Uncle John Eyers (and the estate of Mick Jurd) and their original manager Hamish Henry, this three-CD set seeks to offer the complete recorded output … utilizing the original master tapes and best possible remastering sources.”

The box set will include 45 songs, live tracks, unseen band photos, and a recording of a performance that won Fraternity the title of “Australia’s No. 1 Band.” Men At Work still haven’t gotten over coming in second.

You can see the track list here.

[h/t Ultimate Classic Rock]