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Woodstock50 is Desperate for a Festival Venue

After being denied the proper permits, Woodstock50 is begging for a new place to hold the festival.

Woodstock50 has been facing obstacles since it announced their intent to host a 50th anniversary celebration of the most iconic music festival of all times. After announcing an….unusual lineup, rumors of permit problems came to light and investors pulled their funds (and prematurely cancelled the festival).

Since then several red flags are making the festival look near-impossible to pull off.

  • Tickets are not yet on sale for the event (scheduled Aug. 16-18)
  • Artists have not confirmed or promoted their show (the Black Keys cancelled due to scheduling conflicts before the rumors started)
  • No venue has been approved at this time
  • Missing several important permits to accommodate a festival of 100,000 est.

Woodstock50’s latest cry for help comes from their Facebook page, which has been silent until yesterday (7/10) when cryptic pictures of deer at Art Omi Park, NY sparked interest and suggested the possibility of a new venue. Just a day later, the page appeals to the city of Vernon, NY begging them to host the festival there. Stating ticket sales would be announced once permit has been approved, the timeline seems unlikely to pull off a festival of this magnitude.

Facebook post from Woodstock 7/11/19:

Source: FB 

“Will the Town of Vernon allow peace, love & music to prevail so we can celebrate Woodstock50 with you? Upon permit approval we’ll announce our ticket on sale. Please share to show your support.☮️❤️🎵#Woodstock #Woodstock50″