Previously Unreleased Demo of Soundgarden Song

Soundgarden has released a demo version of their song "Black Hole Sun" from their Superunknown album. (more…)

LA Kiss Commercial…Awesome or Not?

Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley's first commercial for their new Arena League Football team the L.A. KISS (more…)

Robo Drummer Is Amazing!

Drummer looses arm and gets a new robotic arm... (more…)

Detroit Needs Robocop

So for quite some time now work has been underway on a 10 foot tall Robocop statue that will be put up in Detroit. (more…)

Ketchup on Weird Foods

I have an uncle who can't eat eggs without ketchup....and every time I see him do it, I get grossed out. (more…)

Merry Christmas from KCMQ

Nicci is really original at giving gifts...  (more…)

Which rock stars are still cool?

It's always surprising when you see a current photo of a rock star, and realize how much they've aged and/or changed.   (more…)

Anonymous Lottery Winners: Should they all be that way?

So the last big Powerball jackpot winner lives in South Carolina, and has decided to remain anonymous after he claimed his $400M prize.   If you were to win a crap-ton of money, would you? (more…)

Is It Worth The Extra Money?

Are there certain product brands that are worth the extra money? (more…)

Rams Special Teams Accomplish Amazing Feats!

Now if only they could win some games... (more…)