The Morning Shag
Save The State of Missouri

State Rep. Craig Redmon and State Sen. Brian Munzlinger have introduced bills that if passed would destroy the Dept. of Conservation by eliminating nearly 85% of their budget. (more…)

Here’s The Best ‘SNL’ Sketch Of The 1970s, According To Fans

Saturday Night Live is celebrating its 40th Anniversary by letting fans vote for their favorite sketch of each decade. (more…)

The Teacher of the Year is….SHAGS

Shags wants to be a school teacher and he explains why he'd be the BEST at it! (more…)

McDonald’s Controversial Ad

Do you like their new commercial, is it in poor taste, or do you not care? (more…)

New Avengers Trailer is HERE!

Who want's more hulk busting? We want more hulk busting! (more…)

Season 3 Trailer for House of Cards is Intense

So it would a appear Frank is handling the Presidency pretty well... or perhaps not.  (more…)

The Last Man On Earth

The World's Greatest Everything! (more…)

Shags vs The Oregon Trail

Shags takes the KCMQ staff down the Oregon Trail.  See how he did.... (more…)

Warming Centers in Como

Available places to stay warm in Como during this brutal winter blasts! (more…)

28 Internet acronyms every parent should know

Teens are filthy little beasts and you need to keep an eye out for their dirty talk... (more…)