The Morning Shag
Weird Things All Couples Fight About

This is so true, I think I may have pee'd my pants.  (more…)

The Holiday Safety Showdown

Boone County Public Safety vs Morning Shag.... Who has the better Holiday Safety Tips? Vote for your favorite in the comment section... (more…)

Weird Holiday Traditions From Around The World

I LOVE Krampus.... (more…)

Baby Shower Drinking Game

With the growing trend of men being invited to Baby Showers, The Morning Shag has devised a way for guys to get through it. (more…)

Party This New Years Eve with The Holiday Inn

Live music, food, drink, AND a room... Happy New Years indeed.  (more…)

Skeletor and He-Man Singing Jingle Bros

What favorite cartoon/action figure should get there own endorsement deal? (more…)

Morning Shag Official SEC Championship Drinking Game

The Rules have been posted. Play at your own RISK! (more…)

Terminator Genisys Trailer is Finally Here

Are you excited about the New Terminator? Leave a comment.... (more…)

Nick Offerman Sings Epic Song about Whiskey

Whiskey Lovers with Love this Whiskey Inspired Song.... (more…)

Black Friday Beat Downs

The Best of Black Friday Fights....'MERICA (more…)