The Morning Shag
This Royals Fan Went From Hero To Zero In A Heartbeat

Watch a Royals fan ruin not one but two kids say at the ballpark... (more…)

Blow **** Up with Arnold for Charity

You could win a trip to California to spend the day with Arnold Schwarzenegger and blow **** up! (more…)

The Muppets – Official Trailer

It's time to get things started! The Muppets are coming to ABC and this is your first look! (more…)

Adam Sandler Musical Ode to David Letterman

Adam Sandler remembered how to be funny just in time for a kick ass send off to David Letterman! (more…)

Ozzy Osbourne Donates $10,000 to Kids who covered “Crazy Train” on Xylophones

You're Daily Dose of Awesomeness! (more…)

The Doc Ellis Doc on Netflix is a MUST watch

Doc Ellis pitched a No Hitter for the Pirates while high on LSD. (more…)


Watch them cover Metallica's Enter Sandman! It's LEGIT. (more…)

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

Daily Dose of Awesomeness or Lameness? (more…)

Joan Jett, And Ringo Starr Accept Their Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductions

Miley Cyrus and Fall Out Boy introducing Joan Jett and Green Day? The World is ENDING.... (more…)

New Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer Is Here!

Fans boys, try to contain your excitement. (more…)