The Morning Shag
A Friday Feel Good Story

Noah is going to college! An inspirational and FUNNY video about a child with Down Syndrome who gets accepted into college. (more…)

Barbecuing with Bubba

Man Meals on the cheap! Spring is upon us and the Morning Shag is getting ready for grilling season with the Hell Fire Bacon Cheeseburger. (more…)

The Final Trailer for X-Men Days of Future Past

Fox has debuted what they say is the final trailer before the movie opens May 23rd, 2014 (more…)

Bring Extra Underwear

Six Flags just built the world's tallest drop ride! (more…)

The Paintball Punishment

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time... (more…)

Behind the Mic: Shags Paintball Fear

With Trevor losing the NCAA Bracket Bet, he now will have to run a paintball shooting gallery in an banana suit while singing "Peanut Butter Jelly Time". (more…)

Behind the Mic: 5 on 5 MMA Fights are Bad Ass!

5 on 5 MMA is probably the craziest thing we've ever seen... (more…)

Soaked in Bleach

Do you think Kurt Cobain committed suicide? (more…)

Behind The Mic- Shag’s Juicin

Shags bought at new juicer and is experimenting like a mad scientist with different flavors.  (more…)

Matt Adams Clashes with a Fan

Adams gives a small shove to fan, who then moments later, smiling, flipped him the bird alongside the hostile crowd. (more…)