The Morning Shag
Get Lucky with The Morning Shag & Missouri Lottery

It's easy! Not that we're easy... We mean the game.  (more…)

Predator Hunting Class

MDC Outdoor Skills Specialist Brian Flowers will be teaching a Predator Hunting Class Thursday March 12th! (more…)

Ghost appears at Disneyland

This is pretty spooky! (more…)

Daily Dose of Awesomeness

One man just doesn't believe in himself enough.... (more…)

The Best Night Of Your LIFE!

Robert Downey Jr and celebrity auction site Omaze have teamed up to offer fans the chance to win one Super-Duper-VIP pass to the world premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron, and the entry price is a measly $10. (more…)

Science Says….

Science Says It’s Perfectly Fine For Guys To Check Out Other Women Than Their Girlfriend Or Wife (more…)

Ronda Rousey Set The Record For Fastest UFC Win

14 seconds is all the time Rousey needed to defend her title....She is a TOTAL bad ass! (more…)

Love and Mercy Official Trailer

The Brian Wilson Biopic Hits Theaters June 5th! I Can't Wait!!! (more…)

Addison Removes Her Tooth Like A Boss!

You're Daily Dose of Awesomeness: A young Fayette girl uses her bow to remove a loose tooth! (more…)

Let’s Dance!

Shags gets a little too excited for the Dancing with the Stars announcement... (more…)