The Morning Shag
Jim Morrison Predicts the Future of Music

This gave me goose bumps.  He's spot on about popular music today. (more…)

Hunting Tips for Opening Day

Missouri Dept. of Conservation's Outdoor Specialist Brian Flowers talks opening day of archery season.   (more…)

Feel Like Hanging Out With Will Ferrell

You should probably do this right now.... (more…)

Virus Making Kids Sick in Missouri

Dr. Pecorak of Tiger Pediatrics discusses the Human enterovirus 68 which is related to the common cold but within hours those affected can become severely ill. (more…)

Whitey Tighty Icy Hot Punishment

Trevor's punishment for losing to Shags at fantasy football was a pair of undies filled with icy hot. (more…)

New App from Mo. Department of Conservation Keeps Hunters More Organized

Technology make life just that much easier. Even for hunters!  (more…)

Jack Ryan Movie Review

Shags rented the movie Jack Ryan and has a very animated review of the film. (more…)

New Batman Roller Coaster is INSANE!

Would you get on this crazy ass ride? (more…)

Dad Pranks Son With Shower Scare

Just one of the many perks when it comes to being a dad! (more…)

KC Royals’ Skipper Complains about Fans

Listen to manager Ned Yost whine about Royals fans not showing up to a Tuesday night game in the middle of a heat wave. (more…)