The Morning Shag
Deer Hunters Did Well in Opening Weekend of Rifle Season

Trevor got a special surprise, and we learned just how important deer hunting is to Missouri in The Morning Shag interview with Missouri Department of Conversations Brian Flowers.  (more…)

One-handed basketball player Zach Hodskins makes debut for Florida

This is such an amazing and inspiring story! (more…)

The BEST Response to Getting Arrested…EVER!

Paul Charles Dozsa is a former chess champion, and a man who was dubbed the ‘restaurant runner’ (he was charged 54 times for bailing on meals). (more…)

Medieval Metallica

Band plays Metallica's One using authentic Medieval Instruments! (more…)

Vulgar Display of Cuteness

Your Daily Dose of Awesomeness: A Baby Drumming To Pantera! (more…)

Shags Punishment for Losing to Trevor in Fantasy Football

Shag's "Cooter Punch" looses to Trevor's "Nancy Drews" 175-155. A punishment must be dealt. (more…)

Daily Dose of Awesomeness: Glow Stick Fail

  Idiot kid microwaves a glow stick and it explodes in his face. His dad's reaction is priceless.... (more…)

UPDATED: AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Arrested for Murder Plot

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd charged with murder plot in New Zealand! (more…)

KCMQ Halloween Bash Photos

Check out all the pictures (Thanks to Mike Marshall) from the Costume Contest and the Interstellar Overdrive show at The Blue Note on Halloween Night! (more…)

Chris Rock’s SNL Monologue…Too Soon?

Did Chris Rock go too far on 'Saturday Night Live?' (more…)