Hear Queen & Michael Jackson’s Duet “There Must Be More To Life Than This”

Queen is set to finally release their collaboration with Michael Jackson this November, that was recorded back in 1983. (more…)

Let KCMQ and Lutz’s BBQ Cater Your Tailgate

Win $150 worth of hot, smokin' Lutz's BBQ for your tailgate - and it doesn't matter if your party is outside the ZOU or at home! (more…)

Deep Purple’s Official Video for “Smoke On The Water”

Deep Purple had director Robbie Newby put together an official music video for "Smoke On The Water" (more…)

Season 3 Trailer for Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

A show so simple, yet so great.  (more…)

6″ Alien Found??

Who would of thought that all the hillbillies talking about being probed by Aliens were.... (more…)

Dirty Cop

A cop who posted nude photos of herself online has now been stripped of her rank. (more…)

Johnny Cash to be honored with commemorative stamp

Finally the post office is doing something right!  The late country singer is to be honored with a commemorative stamp produced by the United States Postal Service. (more…)

Your Daily Dose of Awesomeness

Stupid bitch tries riding her motorized cart up the escalator and a miracle happens... (more…)

Doing school work like a BOSS

Kevin might be the coolest kid and best student EVER. (more…)


Willy P gets a thrill from a gorilla. (more…)