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Daily Dumbass Oct. 15, 2015

Some people will do anything to watch a game in peace and quiet.  A man In Toronto called the police and asked to be arrested so he could watch the big Blue Jays game in jail.  When police got there, the man was gone.  One of the officers said, “The …

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Daily Dumbass Oct. 14, 2015

Yet another dumbass from the fine state of Florida – this time it’s a 23-year-old woman named Whitney.  She used the live-streaming app Periscope to upload a series of videos of herself driving drunk.  Worried viewers called 911…an officer logged onto the app, found Whitney and pulled her over.  She …

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Daily Dumbass Oct. 13, 2015

Here’s one from the “Nice Try” Department….the dog was driving, not me!  A Florida DWI suspect was spotted driving erratically, then he ran his car into a ditch and ran from police.  When officers caught up with him, he said “My dog was driving that car. I ran because I …

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Daily Dumbass September 25, 2015

daily dumbass

A man in Louisiana is under arrest for shooting your son in the ass over an argument about the lack of orange juice in the house.  His son’s injuries are not life-threatening, but even in Louisiana – it’s illegal to shoot your offspring in the butt, so now he’s looking …

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