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What does that LCNS PL8 say?!

Personalized license plates are great way to show off some personal values. My favorites are the ones that are  like small puzzles.  Great for road trips, and small competitions with your fellow passengers. But what happens when the state says no to your personalized license plate. We here at KCMQ think …

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Bears in the Military!

I found an interesting story online this week talking about how both Sweden and the former Soviet Union, had programs in place to domesticate and train moose for cavalry purposes.  Now I know, you can’t always believe what you read on the internet. But it did lead me to the …

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Good call Busch beer!

Busch beer’s ad campaign right now uses Marshal Tucker Band’s “Can’t You See” to try and lure  you to head for the mountains, potentially starting an avalanche as you crack open your beer and an ominous voice whispers “BUsssch”. However, the commercial takes some creative liberties with the lyrics.

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Legos: The Building Blocks of Dreams

What were your favorite toys as a kid? Last weekend, my mind drifted back to a simpler more imaginative time. I heard that the record for tallest Lego tower was broken in South Korea. The current record holding tower stands at 105 feet (just taller than Jesse Hall) and is …

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