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Shags’ Bio:

Name:  Nathan “Shags” McLeod

Place of Birth: I was born a tree huggin’ hippie in Clatskanie, Oregon.

Favorite Artists: System of a Down, The Black Keys, CCR, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against The Machine, Tool, Steve Miller Band, Soggy Bottom Boys, Rolling Stones, Elton John, Chevelle, Shamans Harvest

Favorite Sports Team:  1. St. Louis Cardinals 2. Oregon Ducks 3. My fantasy football team each year 4. Missouri Tigers (at least you made the top 5) 5. Kansas City Chiefs

Movies: The Big Lebowski, House of 1,000 Corpses, Devils Rejects, Beer League, Grandmas Boy, Rounders, Martyrs

Things that are awesome:  Bigfoot sightings, boobs, farting on airplanes, Jim Edmonds, fishing, hippies, photography, live music, wedding reception black outs, cage fighting, NFL

Things that suck: The Cubs, Kansas, Albert Pujols, Nickelback, Fred Durst, Tom Cruise, hippies, popped collars, pasties, WA, sea donkeys, (your) kids, NBA

How long I’ve been in radio:  Roughly 10 years but I only really remember parts of 2…

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Trevor’s  Bio:

What do you do at KCMQ? Rock your face off!

Where do you hail from? Ballwin, Mo.

What would you be doing if not in radio? I’ve always said I would either be a rock front man or a bum.

What is the one thing we need to know about you? I’m a nerd.

Favorite Food? Steak and potatoes is always quality.

What celebrity do you look most alike? Before the days of the beard, people said I looked like Jim Carry. Nowadays I get Ryan Reynolds from Chaos Theory or Amityville horror. When the dude wants to, he can grow a killer beard.

Hobbies? Bowling, video games, starting fires, the usual stuff.

Favorite Movie? I hate that question. It’s too hard.

Best advice you have ever received? Don’t get caught.

Favorite artists: AC/DC, The Allman Brothers, The Beatles, Boston, The Guess Who, Queen, Bob Seger, Rush, and The Who among others.

Favorite Sport: Dodgeball

Why did you get into Radio? Why did you wear socks today? See, I can ask questions too.


  1. I have the Chevy Camero (Bumble Bee) and a Corvette. Can I split my ? Lol

  2. No Cop Land?!? Seriously?? Not picking Cop Land while picking that ax banging afterbirth, Brigitte Nielson gimme a role please, waste of eye-strain Cobra!?! What about Victory! with MyCocaine?? Nighthawks when he’s rocking the Serpico beard better than Pacino and kicking Rutgar Haur’s 80’s best???
    Come on guys!!! Not picking Cop Land where he has the lead over Harvey Keitel, Ray Liotta and flippin Robert DeNiro?!?!?!? These 3 lists are like doing a Michael Keaton list and having Birdman, Batman, Beetlejuice and a piece of crap while forgetting Johnny Dangerously!
    Your dog vomit inducing mint-under-the-nose list is only saved by clever pick of Tango and Cash. Kudos
    Will L

  3. P.S. to the Cop Land rant. As the newest member to the KCMQ workforce, I understand I may not know all the cool goings on in this testosterone cube of rock where Nicci is queen, so with that in mind….why does Beazl keep a puppy under his chin?
    Will L

  4. Here is a good bit of info on the pokeman go alot of people do not realize. When you download the game and say yes to the questions. You have now given them the right to turn on and off you canera read your emails access ur google drive and see what your location is. So let put it this simple. Look what is in your house rob you when u r not home. Access ANYTHING on your phone even install a keystroke program to see bank accounts and passwords. Even if u uninstall the game it leaves sub programs to access your phone and camera. You have to remove these permissions yourself. This is a dangerous game . Look online and you will see how easy it is

  5. i think i would want the 2nd coolest trans am that being kitt from knight rider. My second choice would be the ulitmate bad ass robot optimus prime semi from the transformers movies.

  6. Letitia Denhartog

    I agree totally with the pulling cotton out of pill bottles! Fortunately, it seems like they are using some other plug lately that I can remove without throwing up.

  7. Ozzys crazy train you just have to rock out

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