Beer Myths: Debunked

Beer Myths: Debunked

August 5th is International Beer Day. One of several different drinking ‘holidays’. To help you enjoy without guilt here are few beer myths, debunked!

According to Eat This, Not That, here are some beer myths you may have heard about that are not true.

1.  MYTH: Drinking a lot of beer gives you a beer belly.

Yes and no. Beer on its own doesn’t cause a belly.  It’s a combination of too many calories and not enough exercise that does it. And though beer has plenty of calories, you can keep the beer belly away by drinking a bit less and walking a bit more!

2. MYTH: Dark beers are stronger than light beers.

Dark beers are darker in color (duh) and typically have more body than light beers. But that doesn’t translate to darker beers have more alcohol in them. Check the label for the ABV (Alcohol By Volume) and compare your favorite light and dark beers. The results may surprise you.

3.  MYTH: Draft beer gives you a hangover.

Your hang over has nothing to do with where your beer comes from be it draft, bottle, or can. What causes your hangover is drinking too much alcohol in general. So drink some water and order one or two less next time!

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