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Best Animals To Have As Pets – Wrong Answers Only

April 11th, is National Pet Day. To celebrate, Shags and Trevor asked, what’s the best animal to have as a pet — Wrong Answers Only!

  • Hippos
    • Massive, require a pool, poo the size of you, and one of the most dangerous animals in the world.
  • Tapeworm
    • Just nasty…
  • Canadian Geese
    • The only things from Canada that are not polite! Their mean, a poop everywhere!
  • Bed Bugs
    • The one upside is, you’ll never sleep alone…
  • Tigers
    • Case and point: Tiger King on Netflix.
  • Leeches
    • Not only do they drink your blood, but they have no redeeming qualities. Their not cool to look at, cuddly, and refuse to do fun tricks!
  • Octopus
    • They’re incredibly smart and have been know to escape their enclosures. I only imagine the longer you have it, the longer they have to plot your demise.

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