Wrong Answers Only

Best Place for a Police Stand Off – Wrong Answers Only!

A Canadian man was involved in a police stand off and held up in a porter potty. Shags and Trevor asked listeners, where is the the best place for a police stand off… Wrong Answers Only! Here are some of our favorite responses.

  • The Police Station– You’re already where the cops want you to be
  • A wedding– Especially if you’re wearing white
  • McDonald’s ball pit – The germs…
  • At a donut shop – The cops are already there
  • At work– Don’t expect to have a job after that
  • Nakatomi Plaza – We saw how things worked out for Hans
  • Wave pool – the waves will be pushing you towards the police
  • A Library– you’ll have the librarian shhhing you the whole time
  • In your bedroom during coitus– it wouldn’t be a stand off since your not standing

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