Wrong Answers Only

Best Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation Starters… Wrong Answers Only

Looking for an ice breaker for the Thanksgiving Day table? Avoid these suggestions.

  • “So who are you all voting for?”
  • “Where do we land as a family on the topic of abortion?”
  • “I had the strangest bowel movement last week”
  • “Can you look at this rash?”
  • “That’s a different girl than the one you brough last year.”
  • “Are you going to have kids?”
  • “Is it true you have an Only Fans?”
  • “My hemorrhoids are getting better, thank you.”
  • “Kids, your mother and I are getting a divorce”
  • “Who knows how to empty a colostomy bag? I may need room for dessert”
  • “I didn’t know it was a felony?!”
  • “Who’s up for a spirited debate on Trans-Sports?”
  • “What’s that thing beeping on your ankle?”

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