Better Ways to Respond to "How Are You?"

Better Ways to Respond to “How Are You?”

When asked, “How are you?” we tend to give the standard responses. ‘I’m fine’, “Good”, ‘Busy’. But these are boring and expected! We can do better! What is a better way to respond to the question, “How are you?” Here are some of our favorite responses from listeners:

  • Old and cranky – They say honest is the policy
  • Busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest – that provides the context we need
  • Living the dream – your living your best life
  • Happier than Amber Heard in a mattress store – Topical, funny, kinda gross
  • Better inside than outside – this is a good one if you know you’re not looking your best
  • Why? What have you heard? – Be warned, this may provide information that you do not want to hear
  • I woke up today – a funnier way of saying ‘fine’

The takeaway is to be unexpected. Standout to the person your talking to! The standard responses don’t lead to human connection. Switch it up, and make an impact with your friends, co-workers, and new acquaintances!

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