eliminator 2024 rev

KCMQ’s Prize Eliminator

KCMQ’s most popular contest is back!

Listen weekdays at 7:35, 11:35, and 3:35 to be caller 7. If you are, you’ll eliminate a prize and be qualified to win the last prize standing! Remember, you want to eliminate prizes you DON’T want to win, and if your favorite gets eliminate, you can bring it back with Resurrection Thursdays!

The Prize List:

  1. Jane Boat (it’s like the Jon Boat, except Shags hates it) ***RESURRECTED***
  2. Espresso Machine
  3. Gucci slippers
  4. Appearance on Bourbon with Brian – a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon picked by Brian, and sit in on a video
  5. Trevor will help you with a budget
  6. The basic bitch – house edition (house cleaning, duct cleaning, and water heater flush)
  7. The basic bitch – car edition (oil change, tire rotation, detailing)
  8. The Morning Shag Experience (read a Top of the Hour Shower Thought, WTF News joke, and pick the 6@9 for a day)
  9. 3 months of lawn mowing
  10. 3 months subscription to Hello Fresh
  11. A pair of Cardinals tickets
  12. Weekend in Branson ***RESURRECTED***
  13. Weekend in St. Louis
  14. Weekend in Kansas City
  15. Starter fishing pack – Sunglasses, fishing rod, reel, tackle box and lures
  16. Standing desk
  17. Patio furniture
  18. Weekend at Crater of Diamonds state park in Arkansas – stay at the Queen of Diamonds Inn and go diamond hunting
  19. A lifetime supply of pens
  20. Dollar Shave Club subscription for one year
  21. De-stank your ass – a tube of Lume body deodorant, 3 month supply of body wash, and a Tushy bidet
  22. Become a Lord of Scottland – we’ll buy you a 1,000 square foot plot of land and have you declared a lord or lady
  23. One year subscription to Babbel
  24. Be the official KCMQ Ramen thrower in the Mizzou homecoming parade
  25. A custom portrait of you and a friend in the style of Will Ferrel and John C. Reilly from Step Brothers
  26. Have bobbleheads made of your family
  27. Really nice pocket knife
  28. Steak dinner at the strip club with tipping money
  29. Meat pile – big ‘ol pile of meat for the grill
  30. A KCMQ Morning Shag marching band chest mounted drum
  31. Dairy butt special – a package of cheese, a gallon of ice cream, and a cheese pizza
  32. Crohn’s attack – a selection of foods that trigger a Crohn’s attack for Shags
  33. 96.7 Chickens (you figure out the .7 part)
  34. Board game collection (includes Monopoly, Life, Sorry, Clue, and more)
  35. Hunting blind
  36. New camping gear
  37. A year’s supply of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  38. A personalized set of golf balls
  39. 500 pennies
  40. A private TED Talk from Shags
  41. New fire pit
  42. Home brewing kit
  43. Guest appearance in our next TV commercial
  44. Inflatable pool
  45. Zombie Apocalypse starter pack: a case of bottled water, a crossbow, and the classic red and black flannel shirt.
  46. Adopt don’t shop: we’ll cover the adoption fee for the pet of your choice from a local shelter, plus cover 2 months of food and other necessities (e.g., a litter box and litter, a crate, toys, etc. depending on the animal)
  47. A new grill
  48. Smart TV
  49. We pay one (1) bill for you
  50. A new set of Callaway golf clubs
  51. A one-year subscription to the Vinyl Me, Please record of the month club
  52. A tube of toothpaste
  53. 11-inch, 128GB iPad Pro ***RESURRECTED***
  54. Playstation 5
  55. A mini fridge to hold all your…soda
  56. Leatherman multi-tool
  57. Bowflex PR 1000 home gym
  58. Therabody massage gun
  59. Man Crate of your choosing
  60. Nintendo NES Classic Edition
  61. Mystery Prize! It could be cash, tickets, one of Trevor’s bananas, or anything else!