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Dog Safety Tips for July 4th

Hint: most pets DON’T like explosions.

With the 4th of July come a lot of BBQs, freedom, and explosions. Mostly the good kind – fireworks that are small enough to not worry about. That being said, your furry friends probably aren’t going to understand why the house sounds like thunder for 20 minutes straight and might get a little scared, so here are some tips to help them enjoy the ‘Murika in their veins!

  1.  Keep them inside when things get loud.
    Most buildings will insulate the fireworks a LOT better than just being down the road from them. Give them plenty of exercise during the day so they’ll sleep during the fireworks. If you can be inside with them, they’ll be much more comfortable. Be sure to find their ‘retreat spot’ and leave toys and treats for them there.
  2.  Know what they can eat!
    Dogs, for example, can’t have any chocolate, grapes, onions, or garlic. Here’s a full list to check out if you have specific questions. Definitely no alcohol, a dog drinking beer sounds funny and cute ’til it’s a $700 vet bill to save their life
  3. In the same vein: don’t put bug spray on your pet if it wasn’t meant FOR pets.
    A lot of them have stuff that’s fine for us, but toxic for dogs. The same thing goes for those citronella candles, stuff in them just doesn’t agree with your pet’s insides like they don’t with mosquitoes.
  4. Don’t take your pet to a fireworks display.
    Yes, they’re part of the family, but they’ve got no idea what celebrating freedom means so when the sky lights up and feels like thunder and no one can hear, they’re just gonna freak out in the worst way.
  5. Keep their collar on.
    If they do freak out and make a break for it, you’re gonna wanna keep them identified. If you don’t have an ID tag on your furry friend yet, go spend the $5 now, before the fireworks start.
  6. Give your dog plenty of exercise during the day.
    A tired dog will react less to sudden loud noises. Ideally, they’ll sleep through all the fireworks.
  7. Skip the Fireworks to play with your dog.
    Instead of going to the fireworks show, stay home with your pet and play with them. This will help keep them calm and let’s be honest, they always love to play with you!
  8. Turn on the Radio/ TV.
    Background noise can help drown out the sudden loud booms of fireworks and help keep your dog from getting startled. Your dog may like KCMQ’s All American Weekend.

Just follow these pet safety tips for the 4th of July and your pet will enjoy the holiday as much as you do!