How Many People Appreciate April Fools Day?

To prank, or not to prank?!

April Fools Day is a divisive holiday. According to a new poll, 46% of people find April Fools pranks to be ‘amusing’ while 40% find them ‘annoying’. The other 14% think it depends on the prank.

Both Shags and Trevor of the KCMQ Morning Shag, take April Fools Day off from pranks. They call it, ‘the day for amateurs’.

It’s not a good day for pranks. Too many people try to slap something dumb together, plus most everyone’s guard is up because it’s April Fools Day!

Shags and Trevor recommend taking the time and care needed for a good prank. Plan, prepare, and enjoy the process. And don’t pull your prank on a day where everyone is expecting it.


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