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How You Can Become A “Wiener Connoisseur”

Love hot dogs? Feel you’re an expert on hot dogs? You may have what it takes to become a Wiener Connoisseur!

An online betting site is looking to hire someone to go to every Major League Baseball stadium to sample each park’s frank!

However, they’re not interested in your opinion on taste. They want to know the dimensions of the hot dog to determine who has the biggest and smallest wiener in the MLB.

You’ll be responsible for measuring the length, diameter, and weight of the hot dog before you eat it.

Now you won’t be able to retire on this as you’ll only be paid $2,500. But they will pay for all your travel, tickets into the games, plus a gift card to the store and MLB TV subscription.

If you have always wanted to put ‘Wiener Connoisseur’ on your business card, you can apply here before April 18, 2024.


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