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Morning Shag Recap – Dec. 4, 2023

In case you missed anything, or want more info on what Shags and Trevor talked about on the show, here is the Morning Shag Show Recap – 12/04/23.

KCMQ’s One For One Holiday Food Drive – Dec. 13th

It’s our annual holiday tradition where we want to see your CANS!
We’ll be collecting canned foods and monetary donations to support the Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri on Wednesday, Dec. 13th!
Big thanks to Commerce Bank and all of our other sponsors.
Learn more and donate now!

Apparently, Yesterday Was The Best Day To Put Up The Christmas Tree

  • According to tradition, yesterday December 3rd was the day to put up your Christmas Tree.
  • It has to do with the Advent calendar which is scheduled to start on the 4th Sunday before Christmas.
  • Also according to tradition, the proper day to take your tree down is January 6th, after the 12 Days of Christmas.
  • Trevor did not know that the 12 Days of Christmas started on Christmas Day. He thought it was on Christmas. He also put up his Christmas Tree last week… so Shags clearly feels that he spits in the face of tradition.
  • Shags doesn’t even have a tree so what does that say about him?
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Congrats to The Winner of KCMQ’s Show Us Your Rack!

  • Shout out to Grant Silver! He is this year’s winner for KCMQ’s Show Us Your Rack and has won $500 to Graf’s Reloading Supercenter!
  • Check out his buck at the link below.
  • LINK

Shags Wants to Give Up On Sports Ball

  • Shags is a passionate person. So passionate, that he is letting his love of the game ruin the rest of his life.
  • His Oregon Ducks lost in the PAC-12 Championship and was selected for the Fiesta Bowl against Liberty (which he feels like is an insult).
  • Then he watched The Chiefs stumble against the Packers and he feels like his week is ruined.
  • Trevor tried to find an upside with Mizzou being matched up against Ohio State in the Cotton Bowl, but it was not enough to break Shags from his funk.
  • So Shags is quitting sports ball…. until next weekend.

Trevor’s Review Of Godzilla: Minus One

  • Trailer
  • My wife asked me on Friday if I had heard of the latest Godzilla movie that was getting rave reviews and being called The greatest Godzilla movie of all time. I had not.
  • Probably because Godzilla: Minus One is a Japanese film that was not marketed as heavily in America. That also may have been because it was made on a budget of $15 Million. That may sound like a lot, but in movie-making terms, it’s not.
  • Though I would say it is my favorite Godzilla movie, I left the theater wondering why it was getting such incredible reviews. I liked it, but I’m not sure I would give it as high of marks as others.
  • Upon discussion with my wife (who is smarter than me), this is the Godzilla movie people have been wanting to see. The story focuses on a group of humans who you care about. This is different from recent Godzilla movies where he acts like an antihero who had to fight another monster to save humanity.
  • This movie goes back to the roots of the story. Godzilla is an allegory for Nuclear War. It’s a monster with an unknown motivation destroying everything in its path.
  • And since you care about the human characters, you’re not rooting for Godzilla… you’re worried that he’ll squish one of the characters you care about.
  • If you love Godzilla movies, I would highly recommend going to see this movie. If you are kind of into Godzilla movies, you should see this movie.
  • If you’re looking for the greatest film of the year, I’m not sure this is it. But I did like it.

How Should We Celebrate Shag’s Stroke-A-Versary?

Survive a Stroke? …

Shags ‘stroke-a-versary’ is tomorrow and he wanted to know how to celebrate the occasion. Here are some of our favorite suggestions:

  • Take the day off
  • Treat him to a meal of Beef STROKEnoff
  • Have someone count his strokes in golf
  • Play Billy Squire on the hour, every hour
  • Have Shags in a row boat and get Trevor to shout in a bullhorn at him, “STROKE… STROKE”.
  • Have Shags read tongue twisters all-day

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