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Morning Shag Recap – Dec. 7, 2023

In case you missed anything, or want more info on what Shags and Trevor talked about on the show, here is the Morning Shag Show Recap – 12/07/23.

KCMQ’s One For One Holiday Food Drive – Dec. 13th

It’s our annual holiday tradition where we want to see your CANS!
We’ll be collecting canned foods and monetary donations to support the Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri on Wednesday, Dec. 13th!
Big thanks to Commerce Bank and all of our other sponsors.
Learn more and donate now!


Shags and Trevor announced this morning that Def Leppard, Journey, & Cheap Trick are coming to Missouri! Get the details here.

Shags is Batman (The Michael Keeton Version)

You’ll have to bear with Shags today as he has some neck pain. It’s so bad he can’t turn his head, he has to turn his whole body… like Batman.

When Trevor shared that, it made Shags feel a bit better because, in his opinion, Michael Keeton was the best Batman.

So after the show, Shags will head to an MU Quick Care to get some help.

He has been coached on how NOT to refer to painkillers as “the good stuff”.

Shags Has Found The Secret To Wealth Building… It’s a Coloring Book

Enjoy Shags on the air for a long as it lasts, he’s about to hit easy street!

After multiple attempts of various side hustles (Selling Farts In Jars, The Mega Booth of Antiques, etc.) Shags has found the “Get Rich Quick Manifesting Wealth Adult Coloring Book” which Shags plans to use as a road map to personal wealth.

Take a look at some of the pages in this book to decide for yourself how well this plan is going to work…

What Is The Dumbest Way You’ve Gotten Injured?

Here are some of our favorite responses:

  • Pull my back while pooping
  • Cooter poked my belly button and caused it to bleed- Trevor
  • Trying to put on my shoe…
  • Sneezed so hard I dislocated my shoulder
  • I stuck my arm out of a moving bus and it hit a utility pole
  • Dove off a pontoon boat into 3 feet of water
  • Stabbed my thumb with a pocket knife trying to open a can of chicken
  • Opened a packet of hot sauce and it squirted into my eye
  • Cut my hand trying to guide a machete back into the sheath
  • Trying look at why the Champaign bottle wasn’t opening, but it popped directly into my eye

How To Stealthily Nap at Work

Shags found an article that hit home for him titled, “Some Useful Tips for Stealthily Napping at Work”.

They’re terrible ideas like, find an empty office, an empty conference room, or under your desk.

But the worst idea on the list is the one Shags has used for years… a stall in the bathroom.

Trevor recommends not napping at work, but if you need to take your lunch time and go nap in your car. Shags suggests not wasting your precious lunchtime for a nap and use company time instead.

The choice is yours. Just be ready for a well-rested unemployment stint.


Fantasy Life Draft: Best Microwave Foods

Today is National Microwave Day (yes, a real thing) and to celebrate Shags, Trevor, and Tim Taylor from the Afternoon Show on KCMQ will pick a team of 3 microwave foods. Your votes determine the winner.

Shags Team: Popcorn, Cup Noodles, Nachos

Trevor’s Team: Baked Potato, Pizza Rolls, TV Dinners

Tim Taylor’s Team: Hot Pockets, Easy Mac, Top Ramen **WINNER**

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