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Morning Shag Recap: Feb. 05, 2024

In case you missed anything, or want more info on what Shags and Trevor talked about on the show, here is the Morning Shag Show Recap – 02/05/24.


Shags has finally done it.

After multiple trips down the river we no longer speak of, Shags had a guest who went overboard into the river.

He’s ok, and took everything in stride. However, the last words he screamed before going into the water was, “What the F&$# are you doing?!”

Trevor thought this was an overall good thing. Shags has graduated in his role of taking people down the river.

Jimi Hendrix Headband Up for Auction

For those who love collecting classic rock memorabilia, Jimi Hendrix’s headband is on the auction block.

Shags asked Trevor how much the ‘creative cheapskate’ would pay for this item. Trevor said, “$500” with full intention to sell it for more in the future.

The headband is expected to bring as much as $40,000 in this auction.

So Trevor doesn’t really have a chance.


Programming Note Regarding The Kansas City Chiefs

The NFL Is Screwing Us Once Again…

First, they took the Chiefs Wild Card game off broadcast TV. Now they’re taking the game off radio.

Due to NFL rules, 96.7 KCMQ will not be allowed to air the Chiefs in the Super Bowl this weekend.

The NFL has blocked all Chiefs Radio Network stations (except for the station in Kansas City) from airing the game moving the rights of the broadcast for both the AFC Championship Game and Super Bowl to a different provider.

We here at KCMQ have contested this decision but were unable to change the NFL’s mind.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will continue to cheer on the Chiefs against The 49er’s this weekend!

A Diaper Spa… Trevor’s Next Vacation?

A new spa in New Hampshire is catering to people who want to act like babies.

The new “Diaper Spa” is described as a therapy retreat to help people process their childhood.

With Trevor coming back from his vacation, Shags felt like this would be the perfect next ‘work conference’ for him.

Trevor responded simply with, “Pass”.


What’s Your “I Got Yelled At” Story?

Shags shared how he was yelled at by the manager of the band Sevendust after touching the lead singer’s microphone when introducing the band. Things got so heated, that security had to separate the two of them to keep them from coming to blows.

Trevor shared the story of him in college with a guy who yelled at him and his roommates. The guy was trying to sell them an obviously stolen desk. The guy felt slighted when Trevor and his roommates ignored the guy. Trevor was able to defuse the situation without incident

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Trevor’s Mexican ‘Vacation’ Recap

In the lead-up to Trevor’s vacation, Shags claimed he was an art thief, drug smuggler, and international spy/ assassin. So much so, that Trevor stated he would never forgive Shags if he got stopped by TSA.

Well, Trevor did not have any trouble. But his wife did!

She had her bag searched and frisked at the gate before getting on the plane. Of course, they found nothing.

Thankfully, nothing hampered the vacation too badly and they made all of their flights.

Listen all this week to hear more of Trevor’s adventures in Mexico.

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