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Morning Shag Recap: Feb. 19, 2024

In case you missed anything, or want more info on what Shags and Trevor talked about on the show, here is the Morning Shag Show Recap – 02/19/24.

Shags Is Officially A Lizard Person!

Shags forever fiancé has purchased a lizard. A Bearded Dragon to be more specific.

Shags shared that they discussed getting a dog or another cat, but with their regular travel for various events and fishing trips, they found the bearded dragon to be a better fit.

Shags has gone on the record stating that this is not his pet and he plans on doing very little to raise it.

But he is excited to go around telling people that he is a lizard person! Even if he can’t shape shift.

Mystery Solved: Shopping Carts Busted Wheel

Why is it that you always find a shopping cart with one wheel all messed up?

The previous theory was one of conspiracy. Grocery stores intentionally busted a wheel on each cart to slow down shoppers. This would keep them in the story longer and ideally have them buy more!

That does not appear to be the case.

Instead, it’s just regular wear and tear. The casters on the carts have a lifespan of about 5 years before they start to warp and bend, causing the wheel to not function properly.


Shags Is Excited For His Photo Shoot (Colonoscopy)

Wednesday, Shags is having a colonoscopy. And unlike others, he’s excited.

He looks forward to the prep. It’s a reset of the body. Blow it all out and start over! And since he deals with Crohn’s, he’s used to sitting on the toilet for extended periods of time.

Then, he’ll get into a gown, looking fabulous, and lay down for his photo shoot. He just hopes that the pictures are tasteful.

Trevor shared that if he see’s any photos of Shags’ insides in a centerfold, he’s quitting.

Name a “Rich Person Thing” You Would Do If Your Became Rich

  • Fly Private
  • Buy a villa in Italy
  • Buy a huge house with tennis courts (I don’t play tennis)
  • Own a private island
  • Hire a private chef
  • Buy a car from the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction
  • Buy KCMQ and supplant Trevor as the Corporate Overlord
  • Buy VIP Tickets to every concert I go to

KCMQ Man Show Is BACK!

Join Shags and Trevor for the manliest event in Mid-Missouri!

Get the details and buy tickets now!

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Shags Weekend Included MMA Fights, and Squeaky Beds

For the first time ever, Shags did color commentary for Midwest Fight Leagues MMA Fights.

When Trevor asked if he was versed enough in MMA Fighting to give good commentary, Shags responded, “I’m pretty good and saying ‘ohhhhh’ and ‘that connected’.

Shags then stayed at a hotel (that we will not name) and had an interesting experience. First, there was blood on the door to his room (which would have been enough for Trevor to leave the hotel all together), but then the metal bed frame made it sound like steal drums at a Jamaican party every time he or his fiancé moved.

Powerball Has A Problem

A man in Washington D.C. checked online the day after the Powerball drawing to see if he won. According to the website, the winning numbers matched the numbers on his ticket which is now worth over $340 million!

There’s just one problem. The numbers on the website were wrong and not the correct numbers for the drawing.

The man is now suing to get some compensation.

Shags feels he should get the money. Trevor is more skeptical wanting to know where the numbers were originally posted. If it was the website, he should get the money. If it was on TV or someone where, Trevor doesn’t feel he’s initialed to it.


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