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Morning Shag Recap: Feb. 26, 2024

In case you missed anything, or want more info on what Shags and Trevor talked about on the show, here is the Morning Shag Show Recap – 02/26/24.

Country Music is Trying To Steal Tom Petty From Us!

Country music is putting together a Tom Petty Tribute album featuring country music artists like: Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Chris Stapleton, Luke Combs, and more.

The first single is a cover of American Girl performed by Dierks Bentley you can listen to it here:

Shags and Trevor are not excited about this, but have a feeling this is going to be big for Country music.

Shags is already well pass denial and has moved on to the bargaining stage of grief. He is asking country music if they would take Beyonce, to leave classic rock artists alone? Please?

Nipple Surgery is the Hot New Trend

Hate your nipples?

You’re apparently not alone. The new trend is for men to go ‘under the knife’ to have their nipples re-shaped.

The inspiration for many is David Beckham, as most report wanting smaller, more almond shaped nipples.

Shags likes his nipples. It’s what they’re attached to that he’s not a fan of … the moobs.

Shags thought this would be a better procedure for Trevor to do. When Trevor asked why he thought that, Shags quickly responded… “No reason…”.


AT&T Customers To Get Money Back!

Last week saw AT&T suffer a nationwide outage that took most of their customers offline.

In response, AT&T has announced that they will reimburse EVERY customer to the tune of… $5.00.

Which may not seem like much, but the company says it is he average cost of a day of service.

Shags (who has AT&T) feels like it should be more. Mostly because he can’t do much with 5 bucks.


Morning Shag Tournament of Bad RETURNS!

Our annual bracket of all the things you love to hate has returned!

We’re looking for your suggestions on what should make this year’s tournament.


KCMQ Man Show Is BACK!

Join Shags and Trevor for the manliest event in Mid-Missouri!

Get the details and buy tickets now!

Nominate Your Favorites In ‘Best of Columbia’ with Inside Columbia Magazine

You can nominate your favorites in Inside Columbia Magazine’s Best of Columbia! If you nominate us, we’ll think you’re pretty cool!


What Would You Have In Your Contract Rider?

Comedian Kevin Hart has in his contract rider whenever he does a show, that he is to have a police escort with him so he doesn’t get stuck in traffic.

What would be in your contract rider? Here are some of our favorites from listeners this morning:

  • Private bathroom
  • Don’t talk to me before I drink coffee
  • Cult of Shags followers get in free (Cult of Shags is not a thing)
  • I must be able to bring my dog with me everywhere I go
  • The ‘Town Crier’ must announce whenever I enter a room

Just Say Yes for Man Show Tickets!

The Morning Shag’s easiest game give you the chance to win tickets to the KCMQ Man Show all this week!

Caller 7 at 8:35a must answer ‘Yes’ to 4 questions from Shags and Trevor. They do that, they win the tickets!

Today, caller 7 was from . He said “yes” to the following:

  • Are you the reason AT&T crashed last week due to your questionable Google searches?
  • Are you a dummy like me, (Shags) and have AT&T?
  • Do you think Trevor has nice nipples?
  • Do you want plastic surgery to have your nipples look like Trevor’s?

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