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Morning Shag Recap: Feb. 27, 2024

In case you missed anything, or want more info on what Shags and Trevor talked about on the show, here is the Morning Shag Show Recap – 02/27/24.

Would You Leave Your Job For Another With The Same Pay?

Approximately 1/3 of Americans would leave their current job for a different one with the same pay. That number jumps to 1/2 of Americans if the pay increased by just 5%.

This came out of a survey regarding the value of employees at work. Respondents shared that the #1 motivator was not a raise or a bonus, but feeling appreciated.

Shags asked The Corporate Overlord (Trevor) to appreciate him more and make him the employee of the month. When Trevor asked what Shags had done to earn that award, Shags responded, “What haven’t I done?”.


Surge Pricing Coming To Fast Food?

The CEO of Wendy’s has announced plans for the fast food chain to start using ‘surge pricing’ at the start of next year.

For those unfamiliar, ‘surge pricing’ will cause the prices to change based on how busy the restaurant gets.

You may have experienced it during Mizzou Game Day with Uber or Lyft.

The question we have: Will there be any indication of when surge pricing will be on before I drive to the restaurant?

Shags and Trevor argued the benefit of ‘fast food’ is you know exactly what you’re getting. You know how it will taste, you know (roughly) how long it will take, and you know how much it will cost.

Both Shags and Trevor are not fans of this idea. But maybe since it will take a year to go into effect, the CEO of Wendy’s will have a change of heart.


Trevor Let Down Mid-Missouri… Again.

Trevor has a web series called What Happens When You Shoot It with Graf’s Reloading Supercenter. It’s where Trevor takes his hunting rifle out into the field to shoot random objects to find out ‘what happens when you shoot it?’

In the latest episode, Trevor shot a basketball. The results were VERY lack luster. Shags, being disappointed after watching it, called out Trevor for letting down Mid-Missouri.

Trevor explained that all he did was ‘the science’. Who are any of us to deny the findings of scientific research when answering God’s greatest questions!

The more they argued, the more we found out that Shags just likes to watch things explode… which is fair.

Watch the latest episode now.


A new survey found that 1 in 4 couples have at least one secret they keep from their significant other. The article does not indicate what level of severity the secret is, but we’re assuming people aren’t counting how the cheated during Family Game Night over the weekend.

Speaking of secrets, Shags shared a story from last night…

Shag’s forever fiancé has been sick and quarantining in the back of the house. When she came out last night into the living room she found Shags on his laptop.

Shags, who is emceeing (alongside Trevor) the Conservation Federation of Missouri’s Awards Banquet this Friday was quick to point out that she had broke her quarantine and asked her to go back to bed!

The Forever Fiancé, noticing he was on his laptop questioned what he was looking at on the computer that he didn’t want her to see…

Shags responded that he was working on the CFM Awards Banquet and the write up for the Soil Conservationist of the Year. So a different kind of ‘dirty’.

It didn’t help that Shags wasn’t wearing pants.


Morning Shag Tournament of Bad RETURNS!

Our annual bracket of all the things you love to hate has returned!

We’re looking for your suggestions on what should make this year’s tournament.


KCMQ Man Show Is BACK!

Join Shags and Trevor for the manliest event in Mid-Missouri!

Get the details and buy tickets now!

Nominate Your Favorites In ‘Best of Columbia’ with Inside Columbia Magazine

You can nominate your favorites in Inside Columbia Magazine’s Best of Columbia! If you nominate us, we’ll think you’re pretty cool!


KCMQ’s Leap Day Takeover!

Thursday is Leap Day. And we here at KCMQ don’t care to work!

So we are turning over the radio station to you, playing all requests all Leap Day long!

Make your request now

Just Say Yes for Man Show Tickets!

The Morning Shag’s easiest game give you the chance to win tickets to the KCMQ Man Show all this week!

Caller 7 at 8:35a must answer ‘Yes’ to 4 questions from Shags and Trevor. They do that, they win the tickets!

Today, caller 7 was Dan from Higbee. He said “yes” to the following:

  • Will the day of the KCMQ Man Show be the greatest day of your life?
  • Are you currently keeping a big secret from your significant other?
  • Is it true that the best meat you can have in your mouth is Jeff’s? (Just Jeff’s Burgers)
  • Is it true that when you use a computer, no matter what you’re doing, you do it pantless?

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