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Morning Shag Recap- Friday Nov. 10, 2023

In case you missed anything, or want more info on what Shags and Trevor talked about on the show, here is the Morning Shag Show Recap – 11/10/23.

KCMQ’s Holiday Prize Eliminator

  • Congrats to John! He eliminated the new firepit and is now qualified to win The Last Prize Standing!
  • He said he has two wood stoves he has to feed, which is nothing more than a firepit that you have in your house.
  • Get the details and see the full prize list now
  • We’ll play again Monday morning at 7:35 a.m.

Top Morning Activities to Ensure A Happy Day

  • Happiness Experts (apparently a real thing) gave us some tips on things you can do in the morning to help you have a happy rest of your day.
  • They included:
    • Avoid your Phone & TV when you wake up to avoid the outside world negatively influencing you
    • Talk to yourself. Be your own hype-man!
    • Talk to somebody else. We are a social species. Human connection is important to our overall happiness.
    • Be thankful. The ultimate secret to happiness is contentment.
  • LINK

KCMQ’s Show Us Your Rack Is Back!

  • A Big Buck could score you ‘Big Bucks’ to Graf’s Reloading Supercenter!
  • Deer Rifle season starts Saturday and we want to see your Rack… deer antlers, that is.
  • Get all the details and enter your buck from archery season now!
  • LINK

Would You Eat Snake Pizza?

  • Shags hates snakes. He’s terrified of them.
  • So when Hot Tub Brian shared the story of Snake Pizza being a thing in Hong Kong, the question became, would Shags eat it
  • It came down between two possible outcomes:
    • Eat your enemy, gain their strength, and send a message to all other snakes
    • All other snake know what you did and gang up to take you down
  • Shags is still deciding.

Is Shags’ Grouping Better Than Trevor’s?

Shags Three Shot Grouping:

shags grouping

Trevor’s Three Shot Grouping:

shooting target bullet holes sighting in
Photo Credit: Trevor Morgan/ Zimmer Communications
  • In short: yes.
  • But the questions are swirling:
    • Shags knew what he had to beat, how many attempts did he make to beat Trevor? Did he switch ammo? Did he ask someone else to shoot for him?!
  • If we were counting comments on our Facebook Page, Trevor is the clear winner!

What Do You Feel Is The Biggest Waste Of Time?

  • Raking Leaves
  • Making the bed
  • Meetings that could have been emails
  • Waiting in a doctor’s office
  • Facebook (a response given to us multiple times… on facebook)
  • Arguing with someone on the internet
  • Worrying about things that may not happen

Shout Out To Mid-Missouri Veterans!

  • Big THANK YOU to our local area veterans for their service to our country!
  • Tomorrow being Veteran’s Day, be sure to say Thank You to the veterans in your life!
  • Be listening for our Salute The Troops shoutouts all weekend long thanks to Simmons Bank

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