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Morning Shag Recap- Friday Nov. 3, 2023

In case you missed anything, or want more info on what Shags and Trevor talked about on the show, here is the Morning Shag Show Recap – 11/03/23.

KCMQ’s Holiday Prize Eliminator

  • Congrats to Ellen! She eliminated the 3-month supply of peppermint bark and is now qualified to win The Last Prize Standing!
  • Get the details and see the full prize list now
  • We’ll play again Monday at 7:35 a.m.

Expect This Many Get Togethers This Holiday Season

  • A new poll found that the average person can expect to attend 10 different gatherings this holiday season, including Thanksgiving & Christmas
  • Most will crave a break from their families anywhere between the first hour to 4 hours.
  • Pro-Tip: Get a drink, stay mobile to move in and out of conversations, find multiple breaks where you can.
  • LINK

The Last New Beatles Song

  • ‘Now And Then’ is the newest song from The Beatles… yes you read that right.
  • It’s a pretty cool story on how we got to 2023 with half of the Beatles passed away, and we have a new song that features all 4 of them – LINK
  • In short, The Beatles had already tried to work with this recording in the 90’s before George Harrison passed away. He had laid down some guitar parts for the song that was never finished. Fast forward to 2022, new technology was used to pull John Lennon’s vocals from the demo. Using the work that George cut in the 90’s, Paul and Ringo finished the mix.

Shags Is Freaking Out About ‘Beyond The Spider-Verse’

  • Shags watched ‘Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse’ on Netflix and was beside himself at the ‘To Be Continued’ ending
  • Shags then became upset that Trevor didn’t warn him about it.
  • Shags then became more upset when Trevor told him that the Writers Strike has already delayed the next movie.
  • Morale of the story: If Trevor says nothing, he loses. If he says something, he loses.

The Morning Shag Saves Daylight!

  • A new study found that 70% of us find Daylight Saving Time a WASTE of time!
  • However, the more Shags talked about it, the more he didn’t seem to understand how it works.
  • First he thought Daylight was something to be saved like a superhero saves a damsel in distress.
  • Then, he thought it was like ‘saving money in a bank’ which lead him to want to enact ‘Daylight Spending Time’ while Trevor was trying to explain how the planet works.
  • LINK

Listeners Answer the Question: According To Your Ex, What’s Wrong With You?

  • “I don’t know. She was yelling something at me, but I was fishing”.
  • “I didn’t play enough video games with him”
  • “She said I got super annoyed when she cheated on me”
  • “My ex-husband would say it’s because I did not have a penis”
  • “I make a better friend than girlfriend”
  • “She said something about how I never listen, but I don’t recall it fully, because I wasn’t listening”
  • “I’m a bitch… it’s true tho”.
  • “He didn’t like me ‘wearing the pants’ in the relationship”
  • “I didn’t get jealous when he spoke to other girls”

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