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Morning Shag Recap: Jan. 08, 2024

In case you missed anything, or want more info on what Shags and Trevor talked about on the show, here is the Morning Shag Show Recap – 01/08/24.

2024’s First Crazy Story: Doors Flying Off Planes!

Over the weekend, the side panel of an airplane broke off mid-flight!

When Trevor mentioned the story to his wife, she was quick to say that she’s avoiding the story since they’re going to be on a plane in less than a month!

Shag’s forever fiancée (who doesn’t like flying) actually felt better about flying after seeing the story. She felt good that the plane did not crash and everyone was ok even after something crazy like that happened.


Have We Reached Peak Laziness?

The Consumer Electronics Show or CES is going on in Vegas. One of the most talked about items is a toilet with a built in bidet that is voice activated using your Amazon Echo.

The toilet retails for over $2,000 which (of course) Trevor thought was too expensive. Shags want to live in the future and thinks that’s a small price to pay for voice activated cleanliness.

Shags and Trevor were curious what the voice command would be and came up with a few options:

  • Hey Alexa, clean my tushy
  • Hey Alexa, WIPE!
  • Hey Alexa, commence cleaning
  • Hey Alexa, sorry about that…
  • Hey Alexa, clean up on aisle 2
  • Hey Alexa, be gentle
  • Hey Alexa, moist
  • Hey Alexa, power wash
  • Hey Alexa, waRsh me

We’re In The Circle of Uncertainty

Winter weather is upon us. But as is typical for Mid-Missouri, no one knows exactly what is going to happen.

The temperature should hover around the freezing point for the next few days, which isn’t helping us either. Will it rain, will it sleet, will it snow, will it do all of that and more?!

The big takeaway is to be aware. Give yourself extra time if you’re headed anywhere and take things slow.

Expect less accumulation in the southern part of Mid-Missouri and higher levels of accumulation in the northern part of Mid-Missouri.

We’ll keep you posted on weather happenings on 96.7 KCMQ.

100 Year Old Predictions

Back in 1924, people made some predictions. Did any of them come true. Well, at least none of these did.

  • Horses will go extinct – the idea was with the popularity of the automobile growing, horses would fade away. Clearly, this person did not understand biology.
  • No one would have teeth- our diets would change so much that we would lose all of our teeth. Thank goodness for advancements in dentistry!
  • Everyone would be flying to work – This prediction will never die!


Most Forgettable Town in Missouri

For the record, Trevor did not want to do this break.

Shags was curious what is the most forgettable town in Missouri. Here are some of your responses:

  • Useful, Mo.
  • Stephens, Mo.
  • Fortuna, Mo.
  • Fruitland, Mo.
  • Bland, Mo.
  • Tightwad, Mo.

The Adventures of Archie and Barchie

Shags’ forever Fiancée has been playing the video game SIMS. She created a family in the game that consists of her, Shags, and two kids: Archie and Barchie.

Now we’ve all been there where our partner wakes up from a dream and is mad at us because of ‘what we did’ in the dream.

Well that is what is happening to Shags in this video game. The SIMS version of Shags is inattentive to the children, plays too many video games, and starts fires.

Trevor noted that AI is getting scary good since this is how Shags would act in this situation!

The Fiancée took a video of Shags with Archie. Shags was getting frustrated because Archie was upset. Archie then pooped himself and Shags did nothing to help. Things got so bad that SIMS Child Protective Services came to take Archie away!

Stay tuned for more adventures of Archie and Barchie… well maybe just Barchie.

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