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Morning Shag Recap: Jan. 09, 2024

In case you missed anything, or want more info on what Shags and Trevor talked about on the show, here is the Morning Shag Show Recap – 01/09/24.

We Help You Speak Good!

A new article from Readers Digest says that one way to improve your vocabulary is to listen to radio!

This is true for The Morning Shag as long as you’re open to learning more words that are not exactly English.

Shags is known for mispronouncing words and in the process creates new ones! He’s our modern day Dr. Suess!

Other things you can do to increase your vocabulary is join a book club and even watch movies that are based on books!


The Circle of Uncertainty Continues…

Winter weather will continue to fall in Mid-Missouri today. How much? Well, it depends on where you live/ what the weather system decides to do.

With the temperature hovering around the freezing point, it’s tough to know who is going to experience what.

Keep things to do:

  • Keep up to date on the latest. We’ll help you with that on KCMQ.
  • Give yourself more time if you’re headed out
  • Take it slow

Boycott Peacock?

The NFL has been promoting this past week, that for the first time ever, a NFL Playoff game will air exclusively on a streaming service, Peacock. Of course, the other way of saying that is… for the first time ever, the NFL is not going to air a playoff game on broadcast TV so everyone can watch it for free!

And of course the game the NFL picked to air on Peacock… The Chiefs game.

This means, that if you do not have Peacock (or don’t sign up for Peacock) you will not be able to watch the Chiefs game.

Good news is, you can still listen to the Chiefs game for FREE on your radio home for the Chiefs, 96.7 KCMQ!

Trevor argued for a boycott of Peacock. This is the only way we can communicate our frustration to the NFL and streaming services. If we all buy Peacock to watch the game, you can expect to see more games moving to streaming services. And we’re certain it will be more than one.

Do your part! Send a message to the NFL! Do not pick up Peacock for this game!

Listen FOR FREE on 96.7 KCMQ!

“Mike” Things Shags and Trevor Should Hang It Up

Shags and Trevor got their first hate mail of the year this morning!

Sent as a direct message to The Morning Shag Facebook Page, Mike shared:

“The worst show ever. Who would ever listen to it with so many options. It’s just not me, it’s everyone I know. I can’t find a single person who like it. Give it up.”

We responded: “Not one person?”

Mike replied: “I struggle to find anyone. And I don’t even ask.”

In sincerity Mike, if you don’t like the show, we get it. We know it is impossible to please everyone. However, we would challenge you to ask around before speaking for everyone. And maybe if you don’t like something, just move on with your life. There is no need to say mean things for no reason. That’s what bullies do. Don’t be a bully.

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