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Morning Shag Recap: Jan. 12, 2024

In case you missed anything, or want more info on what Shags and Trevor talked about on the show, here is the Morning Shag Show Recap – 01/12/24.

Today Is Quitter’s Day

Statistically, 80% of us have quit on our New Year’s Resolution by today.

But here are some tips to help you avoid quitting today:

1.  Be more realistic

2.  A set back is not a failure

3.  Celebrate what your accomplishments, no matter how small

Shags found a creative loophole to avoid quitters day… he hasn’t started his New Year’s Resolution.

“Don’t let the facts get in the way of me being better than you” – Shags


Unspoken Rules Of The Office

These unspoken rules… need to be spoken.

1.  If you’ve been in a meeting for a long time and your boss says, “Okay, anything else?” . . . don’t say ANYTHING!

2.  After walking past a co-worker one time, you are no longer required to say, “hello”.  A head nod will do.

3.  Stop complaining all the time!  Even if people agree, no one like that guy.


What’s Your Favorite Saying?

Yesterday Shags was dumb-founded that Trevor and half the audience was unfamiliar with the saying “Where’s the cat that pooped in my mouth last night” in reference to bad morning breath.

So Shags and Trevor asked listeners to share they’re favorite sayings to see if we could find anymore that Trevor doesn’t know. Here are a few of our favorites (Trevor knew a few…)

  • Don’t whip the mule before you load the wagon
  • I need to go talk to a man about a horse
  • You’ll have that on these big jobs
  • It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission

Boycott The Bird… Listen To The Chiefs On KCMQ!

The NFL has been promoting this past week, that for the first time ever, a NFL Playoff game will air exclusively on a streaming service, Peacock. Of course, the other way of saying that is… for the first time ever, the NFL is not going to air a playoff game on broadcast TV so everyone can watch it for free!

And of course the game the NFL picked to air on Peacock… The Chiefs game.

This means, that if you do not have Peacock (or don’t sign up for Peacock) you will not be able to watch the Chiefs game.

Good news is, you can still listen to the Chiefs game for FREE on your radio home for the Chiefs, 96.7 KCMQ!

Trevor argued for a boycott of Peacock. This is the only way we can communicate our frustration to the NFL and streaming services. If we all buy Peacock to watch the game, you can expect to see more games moving to streaming services. And we’re certain it will be more than one.

Do your part! Send a message to the NFL! Do not pick up Peacock for this game!

Listen FOR FREE on 96.7 KCMQ!

Or do what Shags is doing a freeze your butt off at the game itself!

We Just Lost A Childhood Staple

Fruit Stripe gum is no more.

After a 50 year run of giving children intense fruity flavor for 15 seconds, the company who owns Fruit Stripe gum has announced it is discontinuing the product.

Though Shags and Trevor have not bought Fruit Stripe gum in decades, it was a comfort to see it on the shelves next to the gum and mints the did buy.

Frankly, Fruit Stripe did this to itself! They knew they’re flavor didn’t last long did nothing about it.

Yes, we’re lashing out. We’re upset!


“Cat Pooped In My Mouth”

Are you familiar with this phrase, “Geez, where is the cat that pooped in my mouth last night?!” in reference to having terrible morning breath?

This came up on the show today where Mac & Cheese Micah texted in with the saying. Trevor took it literally because he has never heard that saying, and was obviously disgusted and concerned.

After Shags explained it was a metaphor for bad morning breath, that caused a debate of listeners sharing if they have ever heard it before.

Though many have, it would appear more have not heard the saying before. Those who have not also agreed with Trevor that they term they knew was “Dragon’s Breath”.

Fantasy Life Draft: Best Birds 2.0

For the first time ever, The Morning Shag Fantasy Life Draft is doing the same topic 2 weeks in a row! Last week we did Best Birds, and got a massive amount of birds that we did not draft. So today, Shags, Trevor, and Tim Taylor from KCMQ Afternoons each drafted a team of 3 birds and you decided who had the best team. The twist: they could not draft a bird that was picked last week.

Shags’ Team: American Bushtit, Himalayan Snowcock, Red Shafted Flicker Woodpecker

Trevor’s Team: Middle Finger, Wild Turkey, Kentucky Fried Chicken **WINNER**

Tim Taylor’s Team: Big Bird, Woodstock, Fred Bird

Let us know what we should draft next week on our Facebook Page.

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