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Morning Shag Recap: Jan. 17, 2024

In case you missed anything, or want more info on what Shags and Trevor talked about on the show, here is the Morning Shag Show Recap – 01/17/24.

What Sleeping Naked Says About You… Beyond The Obvious…

A new survey found that those who sleep naked are more likely to be ‘night owls’, enjoy horror movies, are more satisfied with their sex life, and have an increased chance of having nightmares.

Shags sleeps in gym shorts or sweatpants. Trevor sleeps in his boxers.

Trevor says he can’t sleep naked because he fears that if his house catches on fire, he’ll have to run outside naked.

Shags said with his Chrons he feels he needs at least 3 layers between him and the bed.


Your Marriage May Be In Jeopardy… But Not Really

Some “life coach” on TikTok says that your marriage is in serious trouble if you don’t touch each other while you sleep.

Both Shags and Trevor took offense to this!

Trevor shared that he cannot be touched at all while trying to sleep.

Shags went as far as to sleep in a separate room as his fiance so they get better sleep, and they both LOVE it!

This idea did give Shags a new side hustle idea. Shags now wants to become an internet “life coach” and have people pay him for his opinions on how they should live their life.

As a free sample: Shags suggests everyone should sleep in a separate room from their partner!

Trevor expressed that this was a terrible idea and he should stick to his day job.

The Emojis You Should Not Use At Work

A recent poll asked people to share the most inappropriate emojis to use at work. They included the beer mug, eggplant, middle finger, and peach.

This caused Trevor to go on a rant about how if you’re an adult you should use your words and avoid using emojis. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a professional setting or personal setting, emojis do not communicate effectively.

Mistakes To Avoid At A New Job

New Year, New You, New Job?

Here are the biggest mistakes to avoid at your new job:

  1. Pretending You Know Everything – You don’t
  2. Being Anti-Social- Get on the team!
  3. Badmouthing the old job – It’s a bad look

Shags may or may not (but definitely has) done all of these things.


The Average 50ish-Year-Old In The U.S. Is Now A Millionaire!

Shags is worried after reading that the average American in their 50s now has a net worth of more than $1 Million. Shags is 45… and not close to being a millionaire.

Trevor has tried to get Shags to save/ plan for retirement for years, to no avail. Trevor shared that if he got serious and set a plan, Shags could get there (or at least close) by the time he is out of his 50s!

Shags ignored him…


What Are Immediate “Red Flags” If You See Them In Someone’s Home?

  • Nazi Memorabilia
  • Upside Pineapples
  • Everything they own on the floor
  • If you ask me to take my shoes off
  • If the house is ‘too clean’
  • Literal red flags
  • If you have a political sign in your yard
  • Picture frames with the original stock photo in it
  • Snakes
  • Birds

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