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Morning Shag Recap: Jan. 23, 2024

In case you missed anything, or want more info on what Shags and Trevor talked about on the show, here is the Morning Shag Show Recap – 01/23/24.

Should We Taze Shags In The Face?

There is a new device that is meant to help with clearing your sinuses by using electrodes to stimulate your nasal passages.

Shags’ allergies have been ramping up over the last few years and he is willing to try anything to get them to stop, including eletrocuting his face.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to spend $100 on this device not knowing if it will work or not.

Trevor came up with the solution. He will graciously, taze shags in the nose FOR FREE to see if it will work.

Shags said he would think about it.


Do You Prefer A Job You Love Or More Money?

A new survey found that most people would prefer to have a job that makes them happy than a job that pays big bucks!

For Shags and Trevor… this is the excuse they have used their whole lives!

Radio is fun job! But it does not make you rich.

And according to the survey most people wish they would have gone into a job that make them feel fulfilled vs. a job that earned them a bunch of money.

Pack Attack!

A Wisconsin woman texted her niece during the Packers game saying that she was having a heart attack.

The Niece, took the text literally and called 911 who sent paramedics to the woman’s house.

Of course, she was not having a literal heart attack. She was just watching a very close game. A game that the Packers did eventually lose.

Shags now feels neglected. He texted friends during the Chiefs game that he was going to have a stroke over this game. No one called 911. Shags friends clearly do not care about him.

Or they’re just smart enough to know when he’s not being serious (which is 98% of the time).


Middle School Removes Mirrors In Bathrooms

A Middle School is coming under criticism after removing the mirrors from the bathrooms.

The reason: teachers noticed that students were asking to go to the bathroom more often, and staying in the bathroom longer… to record TikTok videos.

Though the school has been criticized, they have reported that students are going to the bathroom less and coming back to class faster… so it appears to be working.

Thankfully, the bathroom mirrors at the station are still in place so Shags can record his TikTok dance videos with ease!


Trevor Has A New Work Conference To Go To… And This One Is Sexy?!

Shags announced today that Trevor is going on yet another ‘work conference’ and this one is going to be sexy! An all inclusive nude and prude resort experience!

Trevor’s new swimsuit is super tight and he is ready to hit the beach in style!

In reality, Trevor is going on a VACATION to an all inclusive beach resort in Mexico. Yes his new swimsuit is too tight, but he is returning it to get the next size up.

What’s The Biggest Lie You Have Told To Get Out Of Work?

  • “My cows got out”
  • “I got into a car accident in my friends car” (so the boss wouldn’t be suspicious when they saw your car)
  • “I pooped my pants”
  • “I found an obituary and said it was my cousin who passed away”
  • “I forced myself to throw up on myself”

Just Say Yes – Doobie Brothers Tickets

Announced this week: Doobie Brothers with special guest Steve Winwood coming to The Hollywood Casino Amp. in St. Louis Saturday, August 24.

Shags and Trevor have your shot at winning tickets before you can buy them playing the easiest game ever “Just Say Yes”. Shags and Trevor ask caller 7 four questions all you have to do to win is Just Say Yes!

Today’s contestant was _______. Greg answered ‘Yes’ to the following questions:

  • Is it true that you have thrown up on yourself to get out of work?
  • Is it true that you go to the bathroom at work, not to use the restroom, but to record TikTok dance videos in the mirror?


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