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Morning Shag Recap: Jan. 24, 2024

In case you missed anything, or want more info on what Shags and Trevor talked about on the show, here is the Morning Shag Show Recap – 01/24/24.

More Predictions From 1924

A while back, we shared with you some predictions from people in the year 1924 to see if any of them came true. Well, we found a few more…

  • Beds would launch kids up and out of bed in the morning – That would be convenient.
  • Our legs would no longer work! – We would drive everywhere to the point our legs would atrophy
  • Travel to other planets would be common- Not quite… but check back in another 100 years

Shags now wants to publish predictions so that in 100 years, people will look back and read his ideas! Trevor wants nothing to do with that…

Man Kicked Off Plane For Farting

Reports of a man who was kicked off a plane for annoying passengers and farting loudly have been swirling around the internet.

The man allegedly was hungover, yelling a fellow passengers and repeatedly farting. He also called people sitting in the Economy Class of the plane “Low Class”, ever though he too was sitting in that section.

So in recap: we have a loud, annoying, hungover, man who loves farting, and tells people they’re poor when he is also poor… was this Shags?!

The NFL Is Screwing Us Once Again…

First, they took the Chiefs Wild Card game off broadcast TV. Now they’re taking the game off radio.

Due to NFL rules, 96.7 KCMQ will not be allowed to air the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game this weekend.

The NFL has blocked all Chiefs Radio Network stations (expect for the station in Kansas City) from airing the game moving the rights of the broadcast for both the AFC Championship Game and Super Bowl to a different provider.

We here at KCMQ have contested this decision, but were unable to change the NFL’s mind.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will continue to cheer on the Chiefs against The Ravens this weekend!

Is Trevor A Drug Mule?

Yesterday, we shared that Trevor is going on another ‘work conference’ next week. Trevor calls it a vacation, but we all know what is really is.

A texter brought up an interesting point. Trevor went to Italy last year, and now is going to Mexico. How is he affording all of these trips? Has anyone checked his luggage? What is he transporting between countries?

Here was Trevor’s response: “I have no kids, no debt expect for my house. My wife and I work all the time and set aside money every month for a nice vacation each year. But what you’re saying is, it is more likely that I am an international smuggler than a guy who saves money every month to go on vacation?”

Shags’ response: “Maybe…”

What Is The Most Basic Thing You Are Terrible At?

  • Being handy- Using any tools (Shags)
  • Spelling (Trevor)
  • Going down stairs, up stairs is totally fine
  • Listening, according to my wife
  • Knowing which way to turn a screw
  • Being on time
  • Drawing- “I have the artist prowess of a drunken 3rd grader”

Just Say Yes – Doobie Brothers Tickets

Announced this week: Doobie Brothers with special guest Steve Winwood coming to The Hollywood Casino Amp. in St. Louis Saturday, August 24.

Shags and Trevor have your shot at winning tickets before you can buy them playing the easiest game ever “Just Say Yes”. Shags and Trevor ask caller 7 four questions all you have to do to win is Just Say Yes!

Today’s contestant was James from Higbee. James answered ‘Yes’ to the following questions:

  • Are you accused of being an international drug mule every time you go on vacation?
  • Do you wear a red shirt at Target just so someone will talk to you?
  • Do you go on vacation with Trevor just so he can stuff your butt with drugs?
  • Are you excited to be Trevor’s pinata?


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