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Morning Shag Recap: March 07, 2024

In case you missed anything, or want more info on what Shags and Trevor talked about on the show, here is the Morning Shag Show Recap – 03/07/24.

New Dating Trend: Bottle Night?

A guy on Twitter shared what he and his girlfriend do for an easy, but inexpensive and great date night. They call it, Bottle Night.

You stay in, put the phones away, turn the TV off, and each drink a bottle of wine (straight from the bottle) and talk.

Shags and Trevor took offense to the guy on Twitter saying that he ‘invented’ this. This has been going on since booze was a thing!

Swap out staying at home with at a bonfire, or on the back porch, and we have the same idea.

Maybe not always with each person having their own bottle of wine, but are we splitting hairs?


New Foods Make Trevor Grumpy

3 new food items are being released to grocery stores.

  1. Cheez-It Flavored Ranch Dressing
  2. Grilled Cheese Flavored Tomato Soup
  3. NotHotDogs – Plant-based Hot Dog

Trevor reacted like an old man complaining to neighbor kids to get off his lawn.

He feels that we shouldn’t have to keep reinventing things. Let ranch be ranch, tomato soup be tomato soup, and hot dogs be hot dogs.

Now if you’ll excuse Trevor, he needs to drink his prune juice and take a nap. He gets tired after getting worked up like this.

Where Missourians Are Going For Spring Break

Now that we are in March, it’s Spring Break season.

The new info map shows where each state is looking to travel to enjoy a week off school/ work.

Missourians are expected to travel to Miami, Florida over any other destination for Spring Break. The thing you’ll want to note if you’re among them is that the Miami Airport is listed in the top 3 for delays.

Shags and Trevor will continue our rich tradition of staying local for spring break. Mostly because we can’t afford to go anywhere… thanks for asking.


Worst Tourist Traps in Missouri

Shags and Trevor asked listeners to recount the worst tourist traps in Missouri. Many started just naming cities (and Branson was brought up a lot). But they were looking for more specific traps. In fairness, both Shags and Trevor enjoy many things that Branson offers.

So with specificity in mind, here are some of our favorite responses:

  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum- Shags hated, Trevor loved it (when he was a kid)
  • The Missouri History Museum in St. Louis – It’s small and if you’re from Missouri, you learned everything in school.
  • The Bagnell Dam Strip- “It used to be cool, but now it’s just a bunch of overpriced bars and restaurants”
  • Uranus Fudge Factory- Shags did like the oddities section but said he could have gone without the fudge factory
  • The Candy Factory on I-44 – Trevor said that if you need to pee, it’s worth the stop at the gas station. Best bathrooms in the state!
  • The Gateway Arch- Trevor defended this by saying it’s worth a visit one time. The museum below is cool (and recently redone in the last few years) and it’s worth going up in the Arch at least once for the view and experience. Is it worth a second visit… meh.

Morning Shag Tournament of Bad RETURNS!

Our annual bracket of all the things you love to hate has returned!

We’re looking for your suggestions on what should make this year’s tournament. Hurry selection Friday is THIS Friday!


KCMQ Man Show Is BACK!

Join Shags and Trevor for the manliest event in Mid-Missouri! And now, you can go on a fishing trip with Shags! See details and sign up at the KCMQ booth at the Man Show!

Get the details and buy tickets now!

Nominate Your Favorites In ‘Best of Columbia’ with Inside Columbia Magazine

You can nominate your favorites in Inside Columbia Magazine’s Best of Columbia! If you nominate us, we’ll think you’re pretty cool!


Fantasy Life Draft: Best Classic Video Games

Tetris turns 40 years old this week. To celebrate Shags, Trevor, and Tim Taylor from KCMQ Afternoons each drafted a team of 3 classic video games, and you voted on who had the best team.

NOTE: Classic is defined as 25 years or older, so the game had to have come out by 1999.

Shags’ Team: Mario Kart, Mortal Kombat, Tomb Raider

Trevor’s Team: Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, The Legend of Zelda **WINNER**

Tim’s Team: Tetris, Goldeneye, Street Fighter II

Let us know what we should draft next week here.

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