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Morning Shag Recap – Nov. 21, 2023

In case you missed anything, or want more info on what Shags and Trevor talked about on the show, here is the Morning Shag Show Recap – 11/21/23.

KCMQ’s Holiday Prize Eliminator

  • Congrats to Dawn! He eliminated the Hunting Blind and is now qualified to win The Last Prize Standing!
  • She also exclaimed “Hot Damn” when she found out she was caller 7. We would like for all caller 7’s to say that from now on.
  • Get the details and see the full prize list now
  • We’ll play again Monday morning at 7:35 a.m.

The Top Google Searches This Thanksgiving

  • As we’re gearing up for Turkey Day many are asking questions to Google… mostly about potatoes.
    • How many pounds of potatoes are needed per person?
    • How to make potato tacos?
    • How to make potato donuts?
    • How to make potato CANDY?!
  • But most embarrassing of all, is those asking ‘When is Black Friday?’

KCMQ’s Show Us Your Rack Is Back!

  • A Big Buck could score you ‘Big Bucks’ to Graf’s Reloading Supercenter!
  • Deer Rifle season is on and we want to see your Rack… deer antlers, that is.
  • Get all the details and enter your buck from rifle or archery season now!
  • LINK

Rage Rooms have a Problem… A Sexy Problem…

  • For those who don’t know, a Rage Room is a place you can go, pay an hourly rate, and smash stuff to bits. They’ve been used for people to blow off some steam.
  • But now, Rage Rooms are getting… steamy.
  • A trend has formed where people seem to get frisky with each other in these rage rooms. Keep in mind, they have cameras in the rooms, but the people don’t seem to care.
  • Experts believes that the cathartic release of breaking things also excites other parts of our brains… and bodies…
  • You’ll know Rage Rooms are leaning into it when they start providing condoms.
  • LINK

Corporate Trevor Wasn’t At The Company’s Thanksgiving Potluck?!

  • Shags was disappointed that ‘Corporate Overlord’ Trevor was not in attendance at our company Thanksgiving Potluck yesterday.
  • Trevor was working on some important projects with team members in our Springfield station, and was unable to attend.
  • Once Shags got some shots in, it was discovered that the true reason he was disapointed was because he wanted to eat some Beef Jerky which was on the sign up sheet for Trevor to bring.
  • However Trevor, knowing he was not going to be able to attend, did not write anything down on the pot luck sign up sheet.
  • When Trevor asked if we should get an expert in to compare handwriting on the sign up sheet to those in the company, Shags quickly dropped the whole thing…

Best Thanksgiving Foods… Wrong Answers Only!

  • Shags and Trevor got ready for Thanksgiving with asking you the best Thanksgiving Foods… Wrongs Answers Only! – LINK

Chiefs Vs. Eagles: Monday Night Football

  • The only takeaway: CATCH THE FREAKING BALL!!!!

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