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Morning Shag Recap- Thursday Nov. 2, 2023

In case you missed anything, or want more info on what Shags and Trevor talked about on the show, here is the Morning Shag Show Recap – 11/02/23.

KCMQ’s Holiday Prize Eliminator

  • Congrats to Shawn! He RESURECTED the Jon Boat and is now qualified to win The Last Prize Standing!
  • The Jon Boat Floats Again!
  • Get the details and see the full prize list now
  • We’ll play again Monday at 7:35 a.m.

Thanksgiving Pizza?!… Thanksgiving Ice Cream?!

  • Several food companies that typically have nothing to do with Thanksgiving are trying to force their way into the holiday with Thanksgiving inspired offerings.
  • Thanksgiving Pizza: Gravy instead of sauce, turkey instead of pepperoni, sweet potatoes instead of peppers, etc.
    • Trevor said he would try this
  • Thanksgiving Ice Cream: Cranberry Sauces with honey drizzled cornbread… ice cream?
    • Trevor said he would NOT try this… but mostly because of his dairy butt lol

Are Spenders or Savers Happier?

  • Shags is a spender. Trevor is a saver.
  • Who is happier?
  • According to a new study, spenders are happier. But not just with their purchases, they’re happier in their relationships, work life, and personal life.
  • Trevor’s argument for being happier than a spender is that when a stressful situation comes about that requires money, savers have it at the ready and that situation becomes a mild inconvinece vs. an emergency.
    • That’s what a unhappy person WOULD say
  • LINK

The Internet Says: “Better Hair Made Possible by Beer”

  • Their is a story floating around the internet on how beer is suppose to make your hair softer, shinier, and simply better.
  • Don’t worry about the fact that you are also supposed to use shampoo and conditioner…
    • Make us think about those diet pill ads saying their product, along with diet and excercise will help you lose weight…
  • If you care to try it, let us know how it goes. Also take care not to get pulled over after washing your hair. I don’t think the cop will believe you when you say, “No officer, I have not been drinking. I just washed my hair.”
  • LINK

The Timing of Tipping

  • DoorDash will be notifying users who do not “pre-tip” that their orders may not arrive as quickly.
  • And though that may sound outrageous, it does make some sense:
    • DoorDash drivers get to choose their orders, so it makes sense that they would choose orders that are gaurenteed worth more to them over orders where they don’t know what the tip is or if the customer will tip at all.
  • Shags and Trevor can solve the problem with one easy word change: replace “pre-tip” with “bribe”.
    • You’ll want to bribe your driver to pick your order
    • But with the way tipping has gotten out of control, don’t be surprised if it is expected to pre-tip to get your order chosen faster, then to post-tip after it’s delivered
  • The real solution: Get it yourself.
  • LINK

Fantasy Life Draft: Best Sandwiches

  • Tomorrow celebrates National Sandwich Day, which inspired the guys to draft: Best Sandwiches
  • The Fantasy Life Draft (for those who don’t know) is where Shags, Trevor, and Tim Taylor from KCMQ Afternoons, each pick a team of 3 players and you vote on you has the best team!
  • The Teams:
    • Shags- BLT, French Dip, Peanut Butter & Jelly
    • Trevor- Cheesesteak, Pulled Pork, Cuban
    • Tim Taylor- Club, Grilled Cheese, Italian Beef
  • Congrats to this weeks winner: Shags
  • Follow us on Facebook and vote on our Fantasy Life Draft’s each Thursday at 8:05 a.m.

Just Say Yes for Metallica Tickets

  • Metallica is coming to St. Louis for 2 separate nights this weekend!
  • Shags and Trevor ask caller 7 four questions and all you have to do to win is: Just Say Yes
  • Congrats to Daniel Lions from Columbia who was our winner today! Here is what he said ‘Yes’ to:
    • Is it true that you believe there should be a ‘pre-tip’ and ‘post-tip’ in the world of tipping?
    • Are you the kind of monster that considers a burger, a hotdog, a taco, and a glass of water all sandwiches?
    • Does everyone call you “Italian Beef”?
    • Is your little chili pepper hot and red?

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