travis kelce and taylor swift

Name the Travis Kelce/ Taylor Swift Break Up Album

The rumors continue to swirl around Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift dating. With Taylor Swift consistently writing songs about break ups, Shags and Trevor hit the fast forward button to ask the question: What would the Taylor Swift/ Travis Kelce Break Up Album be titled?

Here are some of our favorite responses:

  • The Fumble
  • Out Of Bounds
  • 3rd & Short
  • Punted
  • Traded Away
  • False Start
  • The Not So Tight End
  • Intercepted
  • 86’ed 87
  • I Lost My Tight End
  • Benched
  • Personal Foul
  • Flag On The Play
  • Sidelined
  • Offsides
  • Blitz
  • Traded For A Player To Be Named Later
  • Swift Exit
  • Calling An Audible

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