Wrong Answers Only

Reasons To Call 911…Wrong Answers Only

Sedalia, Missouri had to issue an ordinance to keep citizens from harassing 911 operators. This inspired Shags and Trevor to ask the question: What are the best reasons to call 911… Wrong Answers Only!?

  • Time and Temp.
  • Get a ride to the airport
  • Complain about cold food
  • Get help on your homework
  • Can’t open the pickle jar
  • “I’m out of toilet paper”
  • Can’t find your car keys
  • I’m out of beer
  • There is a squirrel eating the seeds out of my bird feeder
  • My kids aren’t listening to me!
  • Gas prices
  • I have misplaced my TV remote
  • Dairy butt
  • A man is trying to sell a Fart In A Jar on the radio

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