Ruin A Video Game By Adding 'Moist' To The Title

Ruin A Video Game By Adding ‘Moist’ To The Title

Shags and Trevor asked listeners to ruin a video game by adding the word ‘moist’ to the title. here are some of our favorites:

  • Super Moist Mario Brothers
  • Sonic The Moist Hedgehog
  • The Last Of Moist
  • The Last Of Us: Part Moist
  • Moist Combat
  • Pac-Moist
  • Mega Moist Man
  • Legend of Zelda: Link’s Moist Awakening
  • Half Moist Life
  • Command & Conquer & Moist
  • Moist Myst
  • Moistcraft
  • Need for Speed: Moist Wanted
  • Need for Moist
  • MoistNite
  • Conkers Moist Fur Day
  • Call of Duty: Moist Warfare

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