Shags Question Menu

Shags Question Menu

Shags will be attending a work function to say hi to everyone for the first time since his stroke. So of course, there is a side hustle in the works…

Since Shags will be asked all the same questions over and over, we figured we set up a booth with a menu of questions and dollar amounts. If co-workers want to know the answer to the question, they’ll need to pay for it.

Trevor asked listeners, what questions should be included on the menu. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Shag’s hospital gown… tied in the back or open? – $15
  • And how does that make you feel? $23
  • During your time off are you now going to become the Montgomery Bank pooper? – $1
  • Who is the acting leader of The Cult of Shags during your absence? (Not a thing… – Trevor) – $500
  • Would you do it again? – $2
  • Do you want to go fishing? – $1
  • Do they have that extra-long hospital bed for giants? -$11
  • Do you miss Trevor? – Priceless

Let us know if your questions we should add to the menu on our Facebook page.

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