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The Ideal Time To Poop On A Plane

No one wants to do it, but sometimes you have to. Here is the best time to poop on a plane.

A travel site has put in the work to determine the best time for you to poop on a plane, and it is:

Right before food and drink service.

Here’s why:

  • Other passengers will most likely be in their seats because they don’t want to miss food/drinks
  • The crew will be taking orders and in the aisle more, meaning they won’t be hovering around the bathroom
  • Once the crew is in the aisle, they’ll block passengers from getting to the bathrooms

Other Pro-Tips for when you have to take a deuce on a plane:

  • Flush as soon as you go (courtesy flush) to limit the smell
  • Wash your hands with a lot of soap to mask the smell

The worst time to use the bathroom for a #2 is during high traffic times: right before takeoff, right after food and drink service, and right before landing.

Hopefully, you don’t have to use these tips, but just in case you do, make sure you screenshot this page since your phone will be in airplane mode.