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The Morning Shag Super Stupid Bowl Prop Bets

Congrats to Jason Newton of Mexico! He is the winner of the Morning Shag Super Stupid Bowl Prop Bets and is taking home the replica flip coin!

Jason got 11 of 13 questions correct and was closest to our tiebreaker!

Here is the answer key:

Will Travis Kelce propose to Taylor Swift during the game broadcast? = No

Who will score first? = San Francisco

Will the National Anthem be over or under 2 minutes? = Under (1 minute 35 seconds)

Will the coin toss be Heads or Tails? = Heads

How will the first points of the game be scored? = Field Goal

The Octopus: Will the same player score a touchdown and immediately score the 2-point conversion? = No

Which team will lead at halftime? = San Francisco

Will the number of cutaways to Taylor Swift be over or under 5? = Over

What color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach’s head? = Purple

Which team will have more sacks? = San Francisco

Who will have more passing yards? = Patrick Mahomes

Who will have more rushing yards? = Christian McCaffrey

Who will win the game? = Kansas City

Tie Breaker: What will the TOTAL final score be? = 47