They're a 10, but... Mid-Missouri Edition

They’re a 10, but… Mid-Missouri Edition

It’s been a trend on the internet that we’re hoping on today! “They’re a 10, but…” Mid-Missouri Edition!

They’re a 10, but…

  • They think roll carts are a bad idea
  • They’re a Kansas Jayhawks fan
  • They pronounce Missouri, “Missourah”
  • They stop in the middle of a roundabout
  • They say “pop” instead of “soda”
  • They can’t back up a trailer
  • They’re constantly trying to turn left on Missouri Blvd.
  • They think visiting The Arch is a vacation
  • They think Costco is coming to Columbia
  • They put an ‘r’ in the word ‘wash’
  • They hate CCR
  • They say “Olive Garden” every time someone asks what the new building in Jefferson City is
  • They don’t like ranch
  • They drive like a ‘nice-hole’

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