trevor in kayak

Trevor Visits Charleston, South Carolina

Trevor and his wife vacationed in Charleston, South Carolina. Here is his review.

Fans of oysters, barbecue, and old homes will enjoy this city!

Here are a few notable things from our trip:

The Good:

  • The Food!
    • Oysters, they’re everywhere and delicious
    • BBQ, the top spots told to us by locals were Lewis’s & Rodney Scott’s. Both were great!
  • The Scenery
    • Charleston has a lot to look at including old homes, the ocean, and beautiful wildlife
    • The downtown area (where we stayed) is very walkable and has several landmarks to admire

The Bad:

  • The heat!
    • The timing of our trip (early July) was not ideal for this
      • We combated it by drinking LOTS of water as well and bar hopping along the way to get a drink and enjoy some A/C
  • The downtown area is easily flooded
    • A thunderstorm rolled through while we were there which turned alleys into creeks

Notable Places We Visited:

  • The Charleston City Market
    • This is a massive open-air market with several vendors selling everything from food, Sweetgrass baskets (a local treasure), and tchotchkes
    • Personally, I feel this is like going up in the Gateway Arch. You should do it once to experience it.
  • Lewis’s BBQ & Rodney Scott’s BBQ
    • Both were great! I preferred Rodney Scott’s but my wife preferred Lewis’s
    • Get the sliced brisket sandwich at Lewis’s
    • Get the pulled pork sandwich at Rodney Scott’s
  • Folly Beach
    • A public beach that reminded us of the Lake of the Ozarks
  • The Citrus Club
    • Rooftop bar with a great view of the city
  • Angel Oak Tree
    • An over 400-year-old MASSIVE tree (way bigger than The Big Tree in McBaine)
  • The Battery
    • A beautiful park with cannons and statues commemorating the defense of Charleston against the British during the Revolutionary War
    • Really cool birds nest in the area
    • A short walk along the coast will take you to the Pineapple Fountain, which you can get into to cool off
  • The Griffon
    • Hole-in-the-wall bar with affordable drinks
  • Rainbow Row
    • These are townhomes that are painted in different colors all next to each other
    • It’s “fine” and worth walking by to say you did it
    • Pro Tip: talk down some of the streets further away from the ocean to see cooler homes

Notable Drinks:

  • Surfside – Non-carbonated vodka, iced tea, and lemonade drink (may be coming to Missouri soon, if not already here)
  • Westbrook Brewing White Thai: Belgian-style wheat beer with ginger and lemongrass