Weirdest Food Combos of 2022

Weirdest Food Combos of 2022

A recent study found the years weirdest food pairing. Have you tried any of them?

A food delivery service compiled data from their customer orders to find the oddest food combinations of the year.

1.  Fruit Roll-Up and Hot Cheetos – Rolled up together to make a bite sized morsel of NOPE!

2.  Pickles and Whipped Cream – Insert awkward sex joke here

3.  Popcorn and Pickle Juice – Wouldn’t your popcorn get all soggy?

4.  Dark Chocolate and Tomato Salad – Are you wanting to eat healthy or not?! Pick one!

5.  Pizza and Applesauce – Still not as bad as pizza and pineapple

6.  Sushi and Ranch- This study was clearly conducted in the Midwest

Now, I am not without my odd food match up. Since I was a kid, I have loved chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup and a glass of orange juice. Not mixed together! Just as a drink to enjoy alongside my ice cream.

You may judge me accordingly.

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