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What Do You Do To Get Out Of A Bad Mood?

Shags and Trevor both were in a ‘bad mood’ this weekend. Both did something specific to get out of it. Shags went to Spirit Halloween, Trevor went on a motorcycle ride. What do you do to get out of a bad mood?

Here are some of our favorite responses:

  • Listen to VERY loud music (on the KCMQ App, we trust)
  • Beer (Probably not the most healthy way to improve your mood…)
  • Go fishing (As long as your not fishing in my spot!)
  • Eat a bowl of ice cream (Weight is just a number, right?)
  • Take a drive on a gravel road (Country drifting)
  • People watch at Wal-Mart (Perspective)
  • Go shopping (Are you my wife?!)
  • Play video games (Beat a level, feel accomplished)
  • Play with puppies (Puppies make everything better)