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What Events Should Be At The Florida-Man Games?

The Florida Man Games are real and happening! Shags and Trevor asked listeners what events should be included and these are some of our favorite responses.

  • Don’t Taze Me Bro
    • Contestants are tazed all at the same time, last person to fall, wins!
  • Evade Police Obstacle Course
    • Contestants run away from the cops, hoping over fences, dodging dogs, last person to get handcuffed wins
  • Face Eating Competition
    • Self Explanatory
  • Naked, Druken, Lawnmower Race
    • Nascar… the way it should be
  • Hurricane Hold Out
    • Contestants are timed on how fast they can board up windows, steal gas, and remain standing in a wind tunnel
  • Stop Resisting
    • Contestants get lubed up with K-Y Jelly and are timed on how long they can fight off a team of police officers
  • Gator Jello Wrestling
    • “You’re My Boy, Blue!”
  • Who Can Get Arrested Quickest
    • Contestants commit various crimes, whoever gets arrested 1st wins!
  • Florida Man Triathlon
    • Swim through gator-infested swamp
    • Cut a catalytic converter off a car and run it across the parking lot
    • Steal a bike and race it to the pawnshop

And just in case you were curious, there will be mandatory drug testing. Contestants will be disqualified if the tests come back negative.