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What Is A Good Code Word for Sex?

Shags and Trevor have a story that they want to share on the show, but the lawyers say we need to come up with a codeword for sex to soften it a bit. So we’re taking your suggestions. Here are some of the more popular/ funniest answers:

  • Coitous
  • Bumping Uglies
  • Smashing The Pinata
  • Whoopie
  • Relations
  • Makin’ Bacon
  • Boinkin’
  • Peelin The Banana
  • Banana-rama
  • Going to the Cult of Shags Meeting
  • Doin’ Taxes
  • Pollination
  • Rah-mon (Ramen said all fancy like)
  • Business Time
  • Sending an Email (Winner!)

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