What G-Rated Word Do You Hate?

What Is Something That Has Gotten So Expensive, It’s Not Worth Buying Anymore?

Inflation is a real pain in the ass.

Some items have gotten so expensive, they’re not worth buying anymore. Here are some of our favorite responses from Shags and Trevor posing the question on their show.

  • Concert Tickets – Thank goodness we give them away for free!
  • Beef Jerky – Unless you’re Trevor and you have that ‘Beef Jerky Money’
  • Air BnB’s – That cleaning fee will get you every time!
  • Bacon – This is how you know Life is Suffering
  • Fast Food – We’re not even sure it’s that fast anymore…
  • Orange Juice – I still feel like I can afford oranges though…
  • Trucks – New or used, these have gotten seriously out of hand.
  • A Wedding – I believe I was charged just for typing the word “wedding”
  • Streaming Subscriptions – Its only a matter of time before this costs MORE than cable did.

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