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What Is Something You Should Know, But Dont

Shags and Trevor asked listeners, “What is something you should know, but don’t. Here were some of our favorite responses:

  • Grow plants/ vegetables
    • What is the opposite of a green thumb? An orange thumb?
  • Change a tire
    • I bet you know how to call AAA
  • Change motor oil
    • Shags literally said, “You pull out the drain pan, right?”
  • Your blood type
    • I know that I’m not positive…
  • How to roll a burrito
    • Put I am an expert at eating them!
  • Your wife’s phone number
    • I blame our cell phones
  • How to drive stick
    • Trevor feels this is the ultimate way to drive a car… no one agrees
  • Swim
    • Doggie paddle
  • How long to boil an egg
    • That should probably read, how long to boil an egg but that’s not what they wrote…
  • Your social security number
    • I’m a person, not a number!
  • How to pay bills
    • Is it by mail, auto withdrawal, Venmo, or carrier pigeon?
  • Right From Left
    • How long have you been using the “your hand makes an L” trick?
  • How to pronounce, “Worcestershire” sauce
    • If it helps, no one knows how to pronounce it. It was lost to science years ago.

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